The Beach WOD is still on for this afternoon.  Meet up at 5:45p next to the Oceanic’s pier at Lifeguard Tower #11.


Our hours on Friday will be 10am – 2pm and we’re going to close on Saturday.

Have a safe weekend and thanks for everything! 

One of our newest, Kristin W., getting instruction on stretching techniques from CFW Coach Julie.

Shoulder Press  5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Weighted Pull Ups  5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

Work on something you’re not good at…  ask us to coach. 

0 thoughts on “Posted: 7/2/2008

  1. Zach says:

    shawn you should check out the times from last night. your short bud. haha. you know the drill man. the night shift then you. you killed it though. good job man. keep it up.

  2. Sensei says:

    whut ,,,…huh what….OH CROSSFIT!! sorry, no coffee yet! BRING IT!!….COOL, I need to work my pull up muscles!

  3. Shawn K says:

    Yeah… I saw some of those times.. impressive. For self-esteem's sake I'll assume that you all had questionable pushup and jump form. 🙂 I did try to set the bar high for you guys today though. 205lbs on shoulder press and 90lbs x3 on pullups. (and yes, it was a static shldr press… no push press)

  4. matt king says:

    IS the beach workout still on for tonight or is that done now that the tri is over?

  5. Zach says:

    My time yesterday was 7:56. but Shawn thats impressive man. we will see what happens 90 lbs on pull ups plus the body weight is real heavy. good job man. keep pushing.

  6. Shawn K says:

    It's all about being subtle. I could come outright and say that I'm pretty sure you four conspired together and skipped tire flips completely during yesterday's WOD… but where's the fun in that? 🙂

    "Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate."

  7. t says:

    I not sure this is sh*t talking… it reads more like you guys are giving each other light pats on the back and kisses.

  8. Hub says:

    Wow, I'm joining late and there is already all this sh't talking, I love it…Zach, 7:56 is impressive, that had to be the top time, I didn't think you were going to beat me after doing all those split jerks, you're killing it bro…good WOD today, I was going to do something like this anyway, good call.

  9. Zach says:

    you know me. i am all about the kisses and pushing eachother. crossfit wilmington is a team as a whole.

  10. t says:

    Hey Guys, since we’re being straight forward and have gotten the hugs out of the way… I made it a point yesterday to “invite” our resident midget to workout in the afternoon… how about a Zach vs. Hamid vs. Shawn WOD? Head to head… face to face.

  11. Hub says:

    Yo when is Julie going to get some props with her own profile on the left side of the page? I'd totally be down to watch Hamid, Shawn, and Zach go at it…3 events, 3 different specialties, 3 days…Fran, Filthy Fifty, 3K run-1000m row.

  12. t says:

    Whoa… Shawn sounds way too much like Justin… "I only do DL, not overhead or hspu's. And cleans, not met con stuff."

  13. Shawn K says:

    If it's absent of running and includes lots of overhead lifts… and if by "afternoon" you mean "6am"… then I'm in.

  14. Shawn K says:

    lol… I was hoping someone would pick up on that (again, being subtle)… Seriously, I'll work on rearranging my schedule one day over the next couple weeks. Even more seriously, I really hate running.

  15. Chanelle says:

    I have a feeling I'm going to get crushed when I come back to the gym. 2 weeks off and I feel like a lazy piece o' crap….miss you guys!

  16. t says:

    I think I forgot to include Hub in the vs., huh?

    Hey Shawn… 215 OH press / 130×3, 145 x 1 weighted PUs. And the pull ups were after 4 or 5 pull ups going from the bottom rung to the top rung of the ladder… yep, skipping the ones in between! And congrats to Andy L. and Scott P. for going bottom to top on the ladder pull ups too!!!

  17. Shawn K says:

    Nice! I tried reaching the top rung this morning and almost broke my neck. That's incredible pull-up weight. Since you've requested true trash-talking I feel it my duty to highlight that my 205lbs shoulder press is 125% of my body weight of 165.

  18. Raja says:

    Thanks Hub… I smell another edition of crossfit games, this time It's going to be night crew vs. morning crew.

  19. Shawn K says:

    Raja, did you really mean to say that your body is overweighted?… I knew it wouldn't be long before fair comparisons lead to frustrated slander.

  20. Hub says:

    Raja!! Welcome to the forum! If Shawn and Raja are working next to each other, why can't Shawn come in when Raja does…for the night shift?

  21. Raja says:

    I think people put too much emphasis into how much your bodyweight helps in lifting. Using this logic someone who weighs 400lbs should be stronger than someone who weighs 300lbs, which of course, is not necessarily true.

  22. t says:

    We know, we know… bodyweight to weight moved ratios, blah, blah, and more blah. Now you're really imitating Justin! It's not our fault you can't reach the healthy cereals in the grocery store.

  23. Andrew says:

    Oh shit, if he's coming in tomorrow at 10am I've got to start working on my posing. I need to get some sun today as well so I'm extra tan.

    As for a CF Games, morning vs evening…Let's make it morning vs lunch vs evening.

  24. Shawn K says:

    Hub, I let the 3k run suggestion slide but now you're just talking all crazy. Raja's a bachelor with nothing but time and money on his hands. Me, not so much. (*braces for married guy slams*)

  25. t says:

    Vaughn Hagerty of The Star News is coming tomorrow at 10am to get a WOD in with us. Spread the word and come in at that time if you can. We'll do a massive group WOD. Big fun!

  26. Zach says:

    just to let you all know, i blew on the workout today. thanks for the split jesrks tony. my freakin shoulders were shot.but you as a damn animal, yesterday did not effect you.

  27. Andrew says:

    Today's workout killed me as far as completing the Tri training this afternoon. I'm a dumbass.