Beach Workout:  Wednesday 5:45pm, Wrightsville Beach Lifeguard Tower #11.  Park in the Oceanic Parking area.

Yesterday yielded many new Overhead Squat PR’s…
     Taylor and Raja were the top new PRs.  
Taylor – OHS 185lbs
CrossFit WOD:  5  rounds for time…
25 deadlift (135lbs-M / 95lbs-F)
25 push ups
10 pull ups
10  sandbag half moons (50lbs bag- M / 30lbs bag – F) 
Weighlifting WOD:
Class – 7pm

0 thoughts on “Posted: 7/21/2009

  1. drew says:

    Awesome stuff guys. I'll be AWOL for the next two and a half weeks, so everyone take care and I look forward to getting back in.

  2. No GOOD says:

    Damn! I got beat by my Girlfriend (again) ha!! Great job Taylor! Morning crew sorry I had to Tapout today after the warm up, this cold is kicking my butt! But hey rest is good sometimes… Congrats to the Fire Department team for beating the Po-PO in the softball game last night. I think we need to add batting pratice into a WOD cause Don and JJ both looked like the should have been playing T-Ball…HA Seriously Glad we went and supported a true Patriot and his family! Have a great day!

  3. Jen says:

    Dang Taylor! You are a beast!…a beautiful beast…but a beast nontheless! Keep up the great work! Very inspiring!

  4. taylor says:

    Thanks guys! It's funny, you push yourself so hard, and time and time again you beat yourself up doing these workouts wondering if you are getting any stronger; any more efficient. Then Tony throws in a max lift. Then you get your answer! With the long WODs I feel like I am always running out of gas, like I didn't push it as hard or fast as I wanted. Sometimes I feel like I should be lifting more weight, faster, more times. Then I wonder, are we setting our expectations too high, or are we too hard on ourselves for truly reaching our maxed limit? I don't know, but I do know that I thank God everyday Im not sitting in a lifting bench doing 3 sets of 15 monotonous dumbell curls-and then thinking, 'WOW! Maybe Ill up my weight today because these boring and repeditive excersizes are really making me stronger!'…NOT! Anyhoo, Im pretty psyched about the lifting heavy weight stuff with the OHS, thanks CFW!

  5. No GOOD says:

    Ok, for thoses of you in the "I" Nation (that's the IPhone nation) I just found the best APP to go with the best invention ever , the IPhone. It is a CrossFitt Tracker!!! I have been thinking about carrying a log book to keep track, but then I figured I'd rely on the IPhone and yet again it came through. There are 3 APP's to choses from. Just type in Crossfit in the search bar in the APP store. It is $4.99 and you customize it. It also has all the WOD's i.e. like Fran ect preprogramed. Spread the word… You'd almost think I worked for APPLE. HA!!!

  6. Jeremy B says:

    " Where was team Botkin this morning? "
    I stayed home to " see Ereka Off " she is going to see her mom in West By God Va ..and I am going camping ( not code for anything I swear) for the rest of the week…We will return to morning crew service on Monday