Oops…  those posts from earlier were not supposed to show today. 

I hope you all are enjoying you’re weekend. 

The Clash at The Coast MMA fight last night was a success…   well, atleast for some.  The fighters from Evolution MMA  at Wrightsville Beach won all their bouts. But not only did they win, they dominated.  That says alot for their program.  Congratulations to them.

Thanks to Doug and Carolina Fight Promotions for letting us be involved.  Good job to all.

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  1. Justin says:

    That's awesome news about the Evolution guys. Jeremy, Dave and that whole crew really know how to coach, and they approach MMA the same way we approach Fitness — all the "old school" theories that are unsubstantiated (i.e. running as the only form of cardio) are thrown out, and replaced by stuff that makes sense in the same way Ross Enamait does. It also doesn't help that they trained directly under BJ Penn in Hawaii. I really wish I had more free time and could have trained more often with them. Unrelated: some dude at my gym did a 5:00 Heavy Fran (15-12-9) on Friday, and he did Fran in 2:05. These guys are pretty good at metcons.