Yesterday’s first Oly Class of the Program was great.  It was great having my bud Jake, the fella that introduced me to CrossFit, and his wife Jay in for a visit.  We saw most participants get PRs on Snatch and C & J after only 3 hours of instruction.  I can’t wait to see the improvements you guys are going to experience in the next four weeks!  I also want to formaly welcome Olivia and Noah R. to CFW.  They just joined CFW and enrolled straight into the Oly Program.  It’s going to be exciting to watch them develop their Lifts!  Thanks to everyone who enrolled!   

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     First of all, I want to say  thanks to Tony & Julie. If it wasn’t for the two of you I would probably not be a part of this wonderful CFW family. But it was actually Viggo who drew me to Crossfit in the first place. My husband Chris told me that I had to come to his new gym to see the huge puppy. All I heard was puppy. I really had no interest in a gym or weightlifting! The only reason I decided to try it out was because it is something my husband loved.
     I will be the first to admit that my first couple of months here I did not give it my all. It just seemed impossible for someone like me to go in there and do those workouts with everyone else. After seeing your name at the bottom day after day, who wouldn’t want to give up?
     It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I started taking Crossfit serious for myself. It was a workout you had to run 400m, then do kettle bell swings. I was almost finished but all I wanted to do was give up. Everyone else was done and I was the last one still working out. Julie came up to me and got serious with me. She gave me the pep talk of my life!
     She told me that I needed to put forth a real effort or I was just wasting my time. After the workout, she helped outline a diet for me. After seeing how amazing its all worked for Emily and everyone else, I decided it was time for me to really get started.
     I immediately began seeing results and I now enjoy doing the workouts!   
     I realized it didn’t matter if my time was as good as the other girls. When other people started noticing how good it was making me look and feel, I thought "this is working!".
     Crossfit has made such an impact my life. I feel healthier, I look healthier, becuase I am healthier! If I can do more, anyone can do more.
Thank you Josh, Darren & Dawn!! Words can not express how grateful I am for all of you guys. I feel I am a better Crossfitter because of you guys. Debbie, Meredith, Colleen, Jess, Clark, Matt, Clair, Megan, Thomas, Amy, Emily, really everyone who I have had the pleasure of working out with, I say thanks. Having you guys encouraging me not to stop really makes me push hard. I love our crew and hope to meet more CrossFitter during the summer!
-Chrisitina Faulk

11 thoughts on “Posted: 7/19/2009

  1. ilario says:

    Christina! What a wonderful testimonial. I look forward to training with you later this summer. T.,JuJu, Josh, Dawn: Thank you for a wonderful "date night". The amount of thoroughness, expertise and attention has once again distinguished CFW as the pinnacle of training and development. Keep producing monsters! RobS. and Mike (Corpsmen are #1!) thanks for the tips,guys.

  2. Scott S says:

    Christina – Keep pushing, girl! One day soon you will look in the mirror and say, "Is that really me?"

  3. Em says:

    Christina..I love it! So glad to read about your progress through your eyes…cause you have done an AMAZING job! T, Julie, Dawn, Rob, Mike and Josh…thank you guys so much for yesterday. I learned so much and can't wait to see how things progress for me. Thanks again!!

  4. Debb says:

    Christina, I am so glad you have given us more about you!
    I love seeing you there when I come in to do the WOD. Go Evening CRew! T. JU Josh Dawn, Loved yesterday's Oly class! Look forward to my challenge of just keeping up, I learned more than I have at anytime about about lifting.
    I really needed this focus! Thanks again.

  5. No GOOD says:

    Christina, first of all I have heard more guys in our gym complain about being BEAT by GIRLS!!!! I think is is great! I also have to remain humble because I live with Taylor:) who beatws me 60 /40. I have to tell you your words were so honest and motavating!!! I aplaud your drive. Remember nothing worth doing is or should be easy. Fight everyday for something that you want, make it yours to keep. That is something no one can take away from you. Keep it up and a great pic! See you all in a few hours.

  6. jj says:

    Yo CFW family..I know it's late notice, but the Wilmington Fire Department will be playing the Wilmington Police Department in a charity softball game on Monday July 20, 2000 @ 6:30. Following the game the Carolina Plains League Home Run Derby will be taking place. The game is at 6:30PM amd will be played at Buck Hardee Field at Legion Stadium. Admission is $5.00 and half of the proceeds go towards the family of SSgt E.C. Kramer who was a former Wilmington firefighter who was KIA in combat while deployed with the NCNG in Iraq on 6-29-2009. The other half of the proceeds go to the Wilmington Police Department Fallen Officer Memorial. Don O. is playing for the PD and I will be playing for the FD. Hope to see you guys there. Great words Christina!!

  7. DC says:

    Chrisitina, you are a beast and have came a long way.. keep it up.. and thank you for kind words. Things like this is the reason I'm a Instructor I love seeing and hearing people reach their goals and more… Also it seems I'm missing all the fun.. I'll be home soon so I hope the fun keeps on rolling..

  8. colleen says:

    Christina. what an awesome message! You are an inspiration to me as well, you are a very strong woman and very fun to be around! Thanks for sticking to you're commitment for your self and selfishly for me, cause I like working out with you 🙂 Hugs!

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