Friday 18 July:  I"m posting this one early at the morning crew’s request:

This one’s for the tickets to The Clash At The Coast MMA fight tomorrow night (Sat) at the Schwartz Center in downtown Wilmington!  The top male and female performances on today’s WOD will both get two general admission tickets to the fight.  Check it out at

Raja’s first ever OHS…  265lbs. 

WODThe best of the two gets the tickets…  add the athlete’s ranking on each is added together and the lowest number wins.  I.e., a 2nd place snatch and a 4 place time is a 6.  That would beat a 1st place snatch and 7th place time. 

1 rep max: Snatch

3 rounds For time:

  • 20 reverse wall ball shots (m – 20lbs & f – 14lbs ball / m – 10 ft target, f – 9 ft target) 
  • 20 push press (m & f – 65lbs)
  • 5 pull ups
  • 5 deadlift (m – 165lbs / f – 95lbs)
  • 400m run

0 thoughts on “Posted: 7/18/2008

  1. o says:

    oh, good, at least it is a moderately easy one, i MEAN just the other day i was doing reverse wall balls while i made my protein pancakes…which isn't as hard as doing squat thrusters as i do the dishes….

  2. Shawn K says:

    Way to go Raja!!! Just for the record, the morning crew suggested a waffle eating contest… as you can see… no dice.

  3. Sensei says:

    O wow! I though for sure it' be Fight Gone Bad! But this is much better….more "fair". BRING IT!

  4. Shawn K says:

    When I left this morning the top snatch was 185 (Clint) and the top time was just over 13min (Steve). I had to lay off the timed event due to my back letting me know that it needed more rest.

  5. t. says:

    Clint has a 185lbs Snatch and a 14:48. Steve has a 135lbs Snatch and 13:17. Clint is 1/2 and Steve is 2/1… tied.

  6. Andrew says:

    What! The Miracle Midget isn't a top contender in this one. Wait…I know what you're doing. By not competing in the second event, you technically get a 0 as far as placement. This combined with your snatch placement will leave you with the lowest score and you'll get the tickets. Smart midget, verrrrry smart.

  7. Shawn K says:

    How heavy did the snatch lifts get? Raja's prepping here by lifting desk chairs and small interns overhead.

  8. Darren says:

    Ok so i just watched the 1st clash of the coast here at the gym Zack, Andy L, Aaron, Cody go head to head.. wow that was a show.. They all just put up the best times with Zack being 1st with a 10:59.. That the time to beat.. Jeff and Hub where you guys at?

  9. Sensei says:

    Wow, That was awesome! thank you Zach, Andy L, Cody, Sean, Steve Darren, and Ilarrio for pushing me! I am buying my ticket now, When and where are people meeting up for the fight? Let's make it a group thing!

    Call me 910-431-1038

  10. Sensei says:

    uh oh, they don't have tickets available online anymore. So I will have to get mine at the door. FYI for ya'll.

  11. Justin says:

    Hey dudes, I finally got my internet up. As most of you know, I'm now an ATLien, but I wanted to say bye to all you guys and gals that I didn't get a chance to earlier this week. It was a lot of fun (not) going through the WODs with you guys and I always appreciated the competitive spirit at CFW. Keep on killing yourselves and be on the look out for any East Coast comps–I'm unemployed for 7 weeks so I plan to pick up the pace a bit so you better bring your A game haha. Good luck with everything, and special thanks to Tony, KC, Julie, Darren, Dawn and Josh for running things. I'm going up to CrossFit Atlanta now.. peace

  12. scott says:

    sensei i heard on the radio they might not have any at the door. get up with turbo she will no more, darren or someone at cfw should have her number

  13. t. says:

    Word Justin, we’ll miss ya Bro. Train hard… one day you’ll be the strongest lawyer in your firm! Come back and train with us. And when we do another Challenge (hopefully in the fall) come get some.