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  1. Sensei says:

    Ladies and Gents, Who is going to the fight this Saturday? I want to go with people so look me up! I will buy my ticket today ….really only can afford the $25 ticket though. Holla at me!

  2. Shawn K says:

    I'm developing a theory that if your name ends in "awn" you have a genetic predisposition for overhead squats

  3. Raja says:

    Too bad I got a soccer game tonight, otherwise I suspect that I would do very well with the OHS.

  4. Dawn says:

    Shawn I think that is a very immaculate observation. More people in the Crossfit family should have “awn” in there name. I guess if you want to be able to do dead lifts or hang cleans you need your name to end with “tin.” haha Just kidding Justin…. just thought I would add to the shit talking on here!!!

  5. CFW monster says:

    To be perfectly fair…..they could be speaking of the sledge as a "toy" meaning it's a toy like we would call our gym the "play ground" of Monsters! However "cf cut n paste" LOL awesome very funny.

  6. i. says:

    cf cut n paste has a post today that says a sledge is a toy… maybe, and maybe bodyarmor is a novelty too. And those guys probably consider Police, Military, and Fire fighter kit is probably a halloween costume. But to grown ups that have real jobs, these things are everyday life.

  7. Shawn K says:

    Just checked the CFC website. All kidding aside, props to Barry(?) if the picture caption is correct: 500lb DL, 50 double unders and 30 muscle ups. That's a respectable achievement.

  8. Shawn K says:

    So I see one fireman swinging in full gear… but in the background it appears the other has collapsed to the fetal position… Is it JJ? Is it Andy?… We'll have to let them tell us… (sure… sure… it's just a pile of gear… without anyone in it… whatever)

  9. Darren says:

    Hey guys i just wanted to say this.. On Friday who every post the best time is winning tickets to the fight. Best male, and Best Female.. Each gets 2 tickets.. Good luck everyone. Also would like to say Great job to Shawn, Dawn, And Don and everyone else on todays WOD but those guys have gotten over 200 lbs.. today way to go.. I'm bout to get mine in now.. and shawn that is Very respectable if that is very much the case. Great job to Barry..

  10. JJ says:

    I still find it hard to believe any true crossfitter would try to cast a doubt about what another crossfit gym posts for a WOD. I know crossfit is scaleable, maybe ours is just scaled a bit to much for some. The reason we all torture ourselves daily was for the variety in the workouts, The stuff you don't find a cookie cutter gym….Nice numbers on the OHS. I'll attempt it when I find my coordination.

  11. josh says:

    I know that our board is read by many out there so I wanted to repost what I put up on Coastals comment section, and was deleted not long after post.
    "Great numbers Barry! Keep up the good work.
    If your going to be throwing up numbers like that the we expect to see you at our next fitness challenge!
    Maybe one of these days you guys can bring your toy's to our box and take us up on the invite from a while back."
    In my own personal opinion these guys are separating themselves from the Crossfit community that I have come to think of as a family, not just Crossfit Wilmington but Crossfit as a whole. They talk of support and family but they alienate themselves from us. Weve done everthing in our power from going to their place to congragulate them on their Grand Opening to inviting them to functions and WOD's but it seems they have chosen to go this route.

  12. Darren says:

    So I got 220.. I’m coming for you shawn… and Mat I got 210 so far that it for the 200 and over group.. nice work everyone.

  13. clair says:

    well said josh, that puts it all out there and lays it to rest, it doesnt get any easier than that,i also scaled the wod today since i was @ work the majority of the day i decided to OHS my pressure washer,did i forget to mention that it is a skid mounted unit(around 400lbs)and it was full of gas and diesel!!! Then i fell out of the van and woke up THE END!!!

  14. steve says:

    sensei scott p and i are going on sat and i know of a few others that are going but not from cfw let me know if u wanna roll.