Richard will be in the gym tomorrow from 8am to 11am giving free spot treatment. 

Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist
(910) 617-0001



Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture

Tyler viewing the Sydney Opera House in Sydney Australia. 



5 rds for time..

10 Body Weight Deadlifts
10 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups 

Olympic Lifting Seminar for CrossFitters
On Sunday, July 26 CrossFit Wilmington is hosting an Olympic Lifting Seminar with Coach Chris Wilkes of Wilkes Weightlifting / CrossFit Chesapeake.
For more info and to register, go to
CrossFit Wilmington Olympic Weightlifting Program
CFW is offering an Oly Lifting Program aside from our CrossFit Program.
For information contact Tony.  There’s a sign up sheet in the office.
Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting Seminar
September 5-6
For more info and registration, go to:



0 thoughts on “Posted: 7/14/2009

  1. Taylor says:

    What, 8:00 and no comments here yet. Doesnt' anyone want to talk about how SORE their calfs/legs are still from Saturday's WOD…it can't just be me?! I still can't walk full stride. OWCH

  2. Sensei says:

    AMEN TAYLOR!! It's the worst when I get up to pee in the middle of the night! Walking like frankenstein….I have to warm up the calves and massage them just to drive my car. Oh, and todays' Wod…it's like you T. said "what would be the perfect WoD for Sensei? This will do!" ha ha! Awesome! I'll be there at 1230 for anyone who wants to join! Charlie?

  3. Jeremy B. says:

    This is a bad week to be in the clydesdale weight class at crossfit…Body Weight DL today and cleans tomorrow…. I am going to start spitting in a cup and jogging in trashbags to get under 200 for the weigh-in tomorrow…

  4. Ilario says:

    Dawn, Looking at relative placing (men v. women), you crushed A LOT of BIG NAMES including (w) Mounsey, Matter and (M) Tincher and 2007 champion Josh Everett (35th!)! That's so cool!

  5. ilario says:

    Taylor, no wonder you are sore, you crushed it with 28 rds! And Sensei! 36 rds?! Holy mackarel dude, what are they feeding you guys these days? Plutonium?
    Onward, to 2010!

  6. ilario says:

    correction: Dawn, you placed Josh Everett who was Third place in 2007 and Second place in 2008. Outstanding.