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Zach and Hamid went head to head on one of last week’s WODs.  Do you think phenoms like these two are built by only doing the main site’s daily WODs?  Not so much.   


5 sets of Bench Press with a weight that’s a multiple of 100 (i.e., 100lbs, 200lbs, 300lbs, 400lbs, 500lbs) .

Here’s a link to the vid that Vaughn Hagerty of The Star News posted on his blog.


Vaughn does good work.

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  1. t. says:

    Ok, just read it. The grammar bothers me more than anything. But his (and we’re just assuming it’s Zeke writing the posts)definition of functional is a bit off. I say ask a construction worker if a sledge swing is functional. Or a Soldier/Marine practicing downed man drills if a sandbag carry or clean is functional. I guess it boils down to this… anything that does not use a perfectly balanced barbell, dumbbell, or well secured pull up bar is more functional than not. So therefore, a rope climb is more functional than pull ups because it uses a more realistic grip, more muscle recruitment in the shoulders, back, abs and hips. No big deal guys… don’t get too worked up over Zeke’s program. We know the deal.

  2. KC says:

    We must be doing something right for the competition's desire to discredit our program and gym. Zeke if your reading these posts, Stick to yoga!

  3. Sensei says:

    When it gets right down to it, Do you think that all the years of our evolution being hunters, providers, defenders, explorers, Our bodies gained strength and ability through all types of different motions in fact NEVER just ONE thing or a SET workout was given. CFW has tapped into that ability to increase the bodies ability to adapt and over come WHATEVER IT COMES TOO!! I say the weirder the motion (safe) the better!! WE ARE MONSTERS AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD!! Bring on the hammer swings and let's throw those sand bags around!! As my Sensei once said to me in a restaurant "look around at all the sheep Aaron, We are the elite, We are the wolves that can and will be on top of the heep when the rest are cowering and dying" ….yeah, he is kinda nuts.

  4. Zach says:

    Zeke should stop trying to compare the two gyms. We all know the form and we all kno the CF workouts. Last time i checked all of trainers here are CF certified. And like some one said in a recent article CFW is tweaked to be a little more intense. So about the comparisons, there is NO comparisons.

  5. i says:

    Tony and his team have executed the vision of the CF method to the fullest. While the program is meant to be “scaled” by individuals, Gyms too have the latitude to pick their rung. As members of CFW we have chosen elite fitness at the highest rung. While still inclusive to beginners, the goal here is clear: “The tip of the scale” (a wink to our warrior practitioners).

    For those of you who are not familiar, http://www.GymJones.com epitomizes the “no apologies” training philosophy that I believe compels many of us to “push beyond” here at Crossfit Wilmington. To quote Mark Twight (the legendary trainer of “300” fame):

    “Not all temperament types will need to fight (in the commonly accepted sense) to learn themselves though struggle, internal and external is needed. Without such a test it’s easy to be pretend. Without consequence there’s no penalty for pretense. Without a penalty for being dishonest one develops the habit of “getting away with it” and wakes up each day counting on it. Some are never compelled to truly wake up.”

    My thanks to Tony, his wonderful staff, and the members who both inspire and drive me onward.

  6. Hub says:

    I'm not trying to get all moto here, but I just want to comment on functional movements real quick…for those of you who have ever had to carry a SAW, or a M240 G, while wearing a full load, do you remember the times when you had to try and keep your weapon dry by holding it with one hand above the water…it is very similar to a turkish get up…and did you do that slowly and controlled…or did you do it efficiently, but with haste, because you were either getting yelled at, or you were trying not to draw fire? Or how about trying to hop over all the courtyard walls in Iraq…when you have a M240 G out with you, more than likely you are going to have to "push press" it up to your buddy on top of the wall so that you can then try and pull yourself up and over the wall with 100 plus pounds of gear that is NOT evenly distributed on your body, and by the way, the M240 G’s weight is NOT evenly distributed either…I equate it to lifting a sand bag over your head that is sometimes hard to grip…my underlying point, turkish get ups, sand bag presses, and weighted rope climbs are not only functional movements, they are essential movements for speed and fluidity in combat, which can save your life and your buddy’s. I wish I would have had this "functional" training before deploying to an urban environment.

  7. t. says:

    The most successful CF gyms do not follow the main site’s WOD day in and day out. The trainers at those gyms have the knowledge, experience, and creativity to add to HQ’s foundations. As far as sledge swings, tire flips and other “non functional” movements go… the reality is that HQ posts are made for the masses to be able to go to any gym, or garage/home gym, and do CF. That’s why Coach doesn’t use more of that stuff in the daily posts. Not b/c it less functional or bad for an athlete. CrossFit Cut and Pastes (nicknamed such b/c all the info posted is taken from others’ not from their own knowledge of human performance and physiology) are amatuer outfits and will mature or go under. Best of luck.

  8. Justin says:

    It's too bad Zeke and his guys didn't come to our competition. Someone from pretty much all the other ones did. CrossFit is all about tire flips, rope climbs and sledgehammer swings. Those comments just show ignorance–as Tony pointed out, obviously the main site wants to do exercises that most people have equipment for.

  9. Justin says:

    Oh, also, to be fair, I think it's pretty cheap to (basically) infer that you can't be on Zach and Hamid's level doing main site WODs. CrossFit is all about intensity–this is something I've learned when trying to add volume (I lost some intensity). If you look at the top 50 guys at the Games, a decent portion were strictly doing the main site WODs. We should do the Games workouts sometime and see how we fare, but I doubt anyone in the world is on "another level" than the guys at the top.

  10. Shawn K says:

    As an aside from the current thread: I find it amusing that in my BCF days (Before CrossFit) I would have thought 5 sets of max rep bench a fairly intense workout. This morning, although tough, I now consider it perfectly timed active recovery following Tuesday's workout and my "CrossFit Cracker Barrel" experience yesterday morning. (no, I did not tabata the pancakes like others at the table…)

  11. t. says:

    In the end guys, CF done no matter which way, is still better than what we’ve done before. It will continue to get better and evolve, as though of you that have been doing CF for a few years know. Don’t get too wrapped around the axle about other CFs and what they’re doing. Our doors are always open. I honor any and all CFs memberships and anyone from any gym can walk in here and do a WOD. We invited the world to our Challenge and people came from all over… well, almost all over. I’ve invited Zeke and Hunter and their crew to join up and do stuff with us. I wish we could cross train with them and their athletes. We’d all surely benefit.

  12. the O says:

    Hey everyone, I have the revised CD from the Kure beach tri done. All the images from the tri are on there, I managed to get pics of everyone, just not of everyone doing every thing… It definately looks like I stalked Joel, Tony and Darren for a bit. Either way, any one may grab a copy or a few images should they want, I'll be leaving it at the desk with Julie and Tony. All I ask is that if you put it on a website anywhere you indicate that I took the pic….
    i have to go lie down now, first week back and I have that lovely achy feeling in all my limbs….ahhh, there's no place like HOME!

  13. t. says:

    Thanks so much Olympia for coming to the Tri and taking the pics. You do great work.
    Also, way kick arse on the deadlift WOD! You left the ladies shaking their heads on that one.

  14. Andrew says:

    As far as our training philosophy and the way we run things, I do think that CFW is far different than most other CF affiliates. The biggest reason I say this is because although we pound out the conditioning, both aerobic and anaerobic, CFW puts a lot of focus on strength as well. I haven't found this when looking at other sites. It seems that several times per week we're looking for some type of max, whether that be a triple or a single. This is doing nothing but helping every single person in the gym.

  15. Sensei says:

    I was at a charity Jujitsu competition in Albuquerque which Chuck Norris was supposed to attend. The kids only raised $9500 of the $10,000 "needed for him to attend" and the A$$H^*( WOULDN'T SHOW! therefore….I hate Chuck Norris!

  16. Andrew says:

    Vaughn, all you've gotta do now is learn his roundhouse kick and grow a friggin crazy beard.

  17. Darren says:

    I’ve done all kinds of trainning all over the world, and in the end of the day CFW has made me 100 times better in everyday life. I’ve done just boxing, to martial arts, To Marine Corps trainning, and have heard it all.. Tony, Josh, and even KC (when he is here) also to include Julie, Dawn,and the rest of OUR FAMILY have more knowledge of what it means be funtional and a true Athlete then most trainers I’ve meet. Our Family Consits of Police, Fire, Military, Nurses, Bouncers,PPD Guys, and Business owners who share their knowledge with each other to Improve each of our Family members. Which NO other GYM in AREA CAN touch. Hell even Justin somedays makes some true points… Key word some.. But at the end of the day Guys/ Ladies others will hate our family cause we are so much better. And they have no one to train.. So let keep the family strong and focus on us and do what we do. Cause at the end of the day we are the Elite family..

  18. Clint "orange crush" Horsley says:

    “My fellow warriors, I have called you together today for this meeting….” Oh wait am I dreaming of being in the movies again!!! Guys and Girls and others!, I wanted to add a comment about all of the Crossfit local comparisons. Fitness is what you are, not what you do to become it. Crossfit is a gym with a name, is by definition the same as “cross training” which means= refers to training in different ways to improve overall performance. It takes advantage of the particular effectiveness of each training method, while at the same time attempting to neglect the shortcomings of that method by combining it with other methods that address its weaknesses. (Wikipedia). So who gives a crap whether we are doing the same exercise as everyone else? Go to Gold ‘s and watch the trainers there, for every trainer there is a different way they work people. Do they go around telling each other that you can’t do that and say you are Gold’s Gym. Zeek- grow up and get a life (maybe Colorado will help that!!!) I am 43 years old benching almost 300 squatting almost 400 and dead lifting almost 500. I weigh 240 pounds and am 6’2 and can now put my full hand over the rim and almost dunk a basketball. For everyone reading this site I haven’t done any of that since I was 18 and I have worked out at Gold’s for 10 years. Never improving just getting “bigger, fatter!!! And not stronger” Since I walked into CFW and met Tony in January I have lost 30 pounds, and become an athlete again. I don’t give a crap if he is doing nothing like any other crossfit in the country, he and all my family there has changed my life physically and that is all that matters to having a successful gym. IF CFW or CC or any other Crossfit has members who have become more fit then God Bless you, forget the other affiliates and go on doing what ever it is that you do that makes people come through the door. And quit trying to play down a gym that does it differently. If you think its not as good send your members over to make us see how you do it better and if that’s not your style then quit all of the innuendoes and “slight of lip” remarks and spend more time making your own members the best they can be. Yours truly, the only guy will to wear orange shoes red shorts and a camo shirt to work out in and feel good about it….