Jon Z. and Daniel – Tuesday’s open water swim
This new boot Lt. is no joke!
Alexandra in Taylor’s Kickboxing Conditioning class.
 We’re losing her to the "needs of the Marine Corps" (she’s getting stationed in San Diego) in a few weeks
Bench Press  3 max rep sets w/ BW
*rest no more than 3 minutes between sets
With 135lbs / 85lbs do AMRAP in 12 minutes of…
3 Upright Row
6 Bent Over Row
6 Partial Deadlift (from just below knees to full extension)
8 deadlift
3 sets – 30 reps of ab roll out

0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/9/2010

  1. Sensei says:

    "no joke" is not even the half of it! This woman came to my class on Monday, she's 5'3" and I let her borrow my Jujutsu uniform top. It fit her like a dress with me being 6'5" and all, She proceeded to throw Drew, Myself and the other students around like rag dolls through the night! I will be missing her! kick ass Alexandra! oh….and I have video….

  2. bhering says:

    thanks JU and t. I think were busting out tomorrow morning! be back in the "op" thursday morning.