Dont’ forget… 
Tomorrow is Taylor’s first kickboxing class!
It’s kickboxing conditioning with a distinctive CFW flare
Tomorrow’s class is free, but the classes are limited to 10 participants. 
It’s first come, first serve.
Subsequent classes will be no cost for unlimited class members and $25 per month (or $10 per class) for open gym members.
Participants need gloves!
Dick’s Sporting Goods has a selection of what you’ll need for the kickboxing class.  Taylor recommends kickboxing/striking gloves that will protect your digits… not grappling gloves or heavy boxing gloves.
Here are examples in order from best to economical:

Olympic Weightlifting Program
Registration for the PM Weightlifting Class is almost full.  We have three spots open. 
The AM class is completely open, but we need at least 5 participants to run it.  We are considering a Mid-morning class instead. 
If you’d like us to run a class on Tuesday at or around 9am, instead of 6am post on comments and let us know.  Again, we need 5 participants.
John Z. receives the barbell "slightly" below parallel at the South East Regionals.
Why full ROM Squats? Because we’re supposed to be able to!  Our chairs have ruined our mobility and our medical professionals claim squatting is bad for our knees.  Howver, in regions humans don’t sit high above the ground in aptly named "Lazyboys", they have great flexibility and mobility and zero knee or back issues.  Lose your furniture.  Sound crazy?  A little, but didn’t a lot of the other stuff CFW has proved to you works?  Read these…
Deadlift  – with 1 1/4 x BW, do 2 reps every minute, on the minute for 10 minutes
5 rounds for time…
16 (8 ea leg) walking lunge
8 pull ups

0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/7/2010

  1. Laura says:

    The weight training is great. I usually dread this stuff, but I know I need it and decided to like it. I am looking forward to the coming total day!

  2. drew says:

    Good stuff John. John easily went 2-3 bars heavier EASILY than guys probably 60-70lbs heavier than him. I am so happy I got to see so much ass-kickage in JAX.

  3. t. says:

    John and Caleb both… those boys were competing against and hanging with guys that outweighed them by 25-30% of their BW. It says much about their technique they Clean'ed within 10-15% of the bigger competitors.

  4. taylor says:

    Im so psyched about tomorrows class, can't wait to teach this punch class in a facility that has so many toys to work into the intervals portion! See you guys tomorrow 🙂

  5. taylor says:

    So this is my sister's FB post today. I love that she is becoming apart of CFW and that it is so much on her mind, that she works it into her daily views of the world!! If you see her in the box today, please give her a warm welcome. Im trying to get her to stay in there with us as a member!!Here is her post:…………….

    Whitney Ross Gray:I'm kind of freaked out today. The oil spill, Muslims getting very aggressive with Jews, China stroking N Korea off, national debt more than the GDP. Going to Crossfit will make me feel better personally, but it won't change the fact that our country is going to shit right now.