NutriScerosis – AutoImmune Disease and Diet Discussion Group
Tomorrow (Tuesday) Night, February 22 – 6:30 at 128 South Events
128 Front Street  Wilmington, NC
Whitney Ross, who’s reeled in her symptoms of MS with CrossFit and Paleo Nutrition, is hosting the NutriScerosis Discusssion, a forum for those with autoimmune disease and people who love them.  The group’s mission is to help present the resources available to slow, stop, and even reverse the signs and symptoms of degernerative  AI Diseases.
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Don’t forget about our Intro to Paleo Nutrition Class this Wednesday at 6:30.      The gym will close early for this class so make plans to attend!

CrossFit Wilmington’s membership tallies over 330 members.  Almost 50% of whom are women.
As Wilmington’s most aggressive, intense fitness facility, what attracts so many of the “fairer” of the sexes?  That’s easy…  quality, no compromise training in a mature, supportive environment.
At only $150 per month, CFW’s rates are less than the national average of CrossFit’s rates.  However, our programming, facility, and most importantly, our results exceed and raise that average.  There are CrossFits across the nation who charge $200, $220 or more per month.  Maybe their location, cost of living, and clientel demand such rates.  But in Wilmington, NC… $5 a day is reasonable.  For the training and all that’s offered at CrossFit Wilmington, it’s a remarkable deal.  Any more than that and you’re getting ripped off by a much lesser facility.
Women train at CFW in a comfortable environment led by mature trainers.  Yeah… so CFW has a bit of a reputation for programming the most demanding of workouts.  Our new members (men and women alike) are taught to lessen the intensity of our workouts properly and progress quickly to doing our workouts with speed and efficiency.  We don’t allow our clients to work beyond their capabilities and therefore avoid excessive soreness, strains, or injury.
CrossFit Wilmington is training the strong women of Wimington how to be fit and confident.  Our ladies are phenomenal and we’re not shy about bragging about them.
Ladies, not this side of town?  Go to Port City CrossFit in Downtown, CrossFit Carolina Beach in CB, or Carolina Ocean Isle Beach if you’re south of Wilmington.
“Crossfit gives [women] a chance to break away from the traditional skinny-mini body type that is held in such high regard by most females” – Doug Price of CrossFit Utility

Rachel leads CFW’s youngest into a lifestyle of fitness

For more information on Rachel’s dedicated youth fitness classes, click here.


Thruster 15 – 5 – 10 – 15 – 5 – 10 (2 minute rest between sets )

10 Rounds for time:
5 Slam Balls
25 m Backwards Sprint
10 Double Unders
25 m Backwards Sprint

5 thoughts on “Coastal Carolina’s strongest women train at CrossFit Wilmington

  1. Tracy says:

    I have been loving the sprint work added to our workouts!! Awesome way to start the day! My PE classes are doing this workout today!! Wooohoo!!! And as for the strong women at CFW they are pretty darn amazing and strong!! Proud to be one of them! And thanks for all the encouragement throughout my workouts while being 4 months preggo!! Bring it!!

  2. Whitney says:

    Thanks so much Tony! I can’t believe how awesome you are. Tony is my featured speaker, this event is free, there is a cash bar and it’s the perfect venue for zealots like me to just talk and talk about paleo. I would love to have CFW people in attendance so don’t be shy about coming down. I hope to see you there! Don’t miss Ronbo singing a special paleo song he made up and read his featured success story in the handout.

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