Happy Birthday Tracy!
Nutrition class – tonight – 7:30 – FREE! – No excuse.
Due to the nutrition class starting at 7:30, we’re closing the gym floor at 7:15.  Plan accordingly.
Beach Workout tomorow afternoon w/ Glenn McCarroll and crew at Wrightsville Beach
CFW at the Beach.  Sunday was fun!

WOD:  CF Total

Squat – 1 rep max
Shoulder Press – 1 rep max
Deadlift – 1 rep max
Post weight for each lift and their total.

0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/30/2009

  1. Thomas says:

    Good job to everybody in the morning crew! Congrats to maria and walt for killing there old pr's! and who is that REALLY pasty bald guy next to christina? HAHA

  2. Maria Sorg says:

    Thanks Thomas, I learned A LOT today. I wish you all could have heard the speech I got before finally hitting my deadlift. Definitely would not have done it without you Thomas.

  3. No GOOD says:

    Josh thanks for correcting my stiff form, I could feel the difference right away, and I have not squated that heavy in 20 years. Happy B-Day Tracy, and it it "TRIPLE T" .

  4. Tracy says:

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! I am having a great birthday week in Florida with some friends! Not only is it my birthday but it is my One Year at CFW!! What a great gift I gave to myself last year..it is one that keeps on giving!! Darren asked me a few weeks ago what I have gotten out of CF in the last year, I thought for a second and responded strength…over the last few weeks I have been thinking about my CF accomplishments and this is what I came up with:PR front squat of 135lb,PR 100lb clean,85lb push press,4 kipping pullups in a row NO Band(working on those),a faster mile run time…the lists goes on and we don't have enough space for it!I have improved my strength,but also my diet, my self confidence,I smile more(did we think that could happen haha) made some great friendships,the constant encouragement and cheering on of each other,I feel awesome when I step into CFW(well sometimes I want to puke before I even start the WOD) and AMAZING when I leave! So what I take away from this past year by being a member of CFW is PRICELESS!!
    Thank you for making this opportunity available for all of us Tony, Julie(don't worry trouble has been finding me haha) Dawn,Josh,Darren,and Thomas!! See you soon!! Birthday Tracy Tertzagian out!!

  5. mere says:

    It's great hearing people's progress… thanks for sharing yours with us Tracy! Hope you were able to find some fun stuff to do in Florida for your birthday 😉 Let me know when you get back to Wilmington so we can run a wod together! Take Care & again, Happy Birthday!