The crew from Try Sports in Mayfaire Center invites us to a Newton Running Clinic and Demo Expo.
Newton Running shoes promote forefoot strike vs. a heel strike.  Join Try Sports for the Newton Demo today, Wednesday June 24 from 5pm – 8pm.
Cody L., at the top of the 2nd pull of a clean (left) and receiving the bar overhead in the split jerk (right), during an Olympic Lifting training session today. 

WOD: For time…

Run 800m
100 air squats
100 push ups
Run 800m
30 pull ups

0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/24/2009

  1. ilario says:

    Thomas, What a great picture of you slogging your way through it…Inspiring.
    Don't let up!

  2. ilario says:

    This may be old news, so I apologize for rehashing, but I'm excited because it demonstrates the maturation of CF: "Break Records Legally: CrossFit will be conducting on-site steroid testing on all athletes competing at the 2009 CrossFit Games. Every competitor will be required to provide a urine specimen during the Games which will be tested for performance enhancing substances. A positive result on this test will negate any placings, and all awards will be rescinded."

  3. No GOOD says:

    That pic of Thomas is great, go "Tripple T!"Morning crew great job this morning what a great way to start the day, I can not belive it took me so long to get in there! Speaking of drug testing I have to pee in a cup today. Can you POP Positive from too much cake?

  4. Thomas says:

    Thanks ilario, cant wait to hit a wod with ya soon bro. As for the pipe, once taylor suggested it and decided that if I wanted more I had to do more, i couldnt say no. Thanks Taylor.

  5. Josh says:

    NO GOOD, I think your good unless Taylor starts making poppy seed cakes (that does sound good though)