Happy birthday to Brian and Simon!

Thomas has been on the "do more" train since he started CF. 
He’s forty pounds lighter since starting at CFW, records excellent times on the metcons, and is moving very heavy weight on both olympic and power lifts. 


Front Squat   3 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 1 – 1

3 rounds for time…
10 kettlebell swings (24kg-M / 16kg)
10 pull ups


0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/23/2009

  1. ilario says:

    Hey gang, I'm onthe road… could someone post the hi scores for yesterday? I love the "big grey box"…looks like a coffin!

  2. No GOOD says:

    Happy B Day SIMON! A coffin ha! I think that is the cue for someone ot stencle "THE COFFIN" on the side.

  3. Dawn says:

    Zach was the top time with 5:33, Caleb with 6:56. I got 7:08, Mere did mens weight and got 13:13, and Jess got 9:01 with 24" box!!!

  4. ilario says:

    Thanks Dawn. Zach is the man, but i think Caleb is a transformer: More than a meets the eye! Happy Birthday Esko and Simon…Sheesh, I'm glad I'm working out in MD, my ego couldn't take the beating these guys and gals are dishing on a regular basis! Yeah NO GOOD..Stencil time, baby!

  5. ilario says:

    Interesting article on corporate food engineering…"When it comes to stimulating our brains, Dr. Kessler noted, individual ingredients aren’t particularly potent. But by combining fats, sugar and salt in innumerable ways, food makers have essentially tapped into the brain’s reward system, creating a feedback loop that stimulates our desire to eat and leaves us wanting more and more even when we’re full…." read more at: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/23/health/23well.html?_r=1&8dpc

  6. taylor says:

    OMG Bridgette! I checked out the main site, and that workout we were talking about is TEN rounds!! And 45#, not 25!If anyone is interested, it is: Ten rounds for time of:
    Ten rounds for time of:
    3 Weighted Pull-ups, 45 pounds
    5 Strict Pull-ups
    7 Kipping Pull-up
    You can not drop off the bar inbetween sets, only rounds.

    I did one round and it killed me!

  7. t. says:

    For most our ancestors, the most decadent desert was honey, berries, and other fruits. When they wandered upon these treats, the ate and their brains rewarded them with the highs regularly associated with consuming sugar. So our paleo man would gorge himself and would certainly be happy with his sweet find. It was just a find! We were never built to eat sweets and carbs daily. We've taken an evolutionary survival cue, warped it, and allowed ourselves to create behavior patterns that are extremely detrimental to our health. If you don't think a multibillion dollar industry like the food industry doesn't use science to make food more addictive, you're naive. The funny part… Taylor's homemade stuff is way better than any desert Nabisco can make.

  8. Noelle says:

    Hey Tony!
    Thanks for the introduction to the gym last week. Been doing a lot of reading up on some of the nutrition articles you posted. When's this "nutrition clinic" going on you talked about? I'm all in!

  9. Maria Sorg says:

    Oh yeah – Steve, Pete, Clint – don't think we havn't noticed your absence. Maybe Pete's excused since his wife is 9 months pregnant, but as for the other two…3 days missing and we start adding in burpees!

  10. steve says:

    maria i thought u were a runner what are u doing going in 3 days in a row are u trying to be a crossfitter?