This Wednesday, 25 June, we’re again taking CF to the beach.  Meet up at Tower 11, next to the Oceanic’s pier, at 5:45pm.  Glenn McCarroll and his triathletes have been kind enough to let us join them in training.  So we’re adding CF to their swimming and they’re adding swimming our CF.  Either way you look at it, it’s great.  Open water swimming adds an unparralled dynamic to any fitness program.

What if you’re not a good swimmer?  This is an opportunity to better yourself.  The whole idea of CF is working on stuff we’re not good at in order to make everything better. 

But what if you really can’t swim?  Like everything in CF, it’s scalable.  We’ll shorten the swim or replace it with an alternative.   

Illario gets in a WOD while Tony adds to the pull up bars.

After a couple of comments (i.e., crying and whining about) having too many pull ups and squats last week.  We thought we’d add some variety to it for ya today.   Don’t worry Mat, we’ll get the tire flips, and anything else you want, in sometime this week too.  This should get us started on your list…

8 rounds for time…

  •  5 box jump burpees
  • 20 sledgehammer swings (10lbs – m / 8lbs – f)
  •  2 kettle bell weaves (16kg – m / 12kg – f)
  •  1 rope climb
  •  6 sandbag clean and jerk (80lbs – m / 50lbs – f)
  •  4 Turkish Get Ups (16kg / 12kg)
  •  2 Deadlift (225lbs – m / 155lbs -f) 


0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/23/2008

  1. Tony says:

    Shawn did it in 32 min. Just thought I'd give you all a heads up for time management purposes.

  2. Shawn K says:

    An average of 30secs/exercise; I fully expect several of you to smash that later today. On another note, if Mat is the reason Tony put this together then who else wants to know when he works out so several of us can meet up to "thank" him out behind the gym? 🙂

  3. karen (the chic from holden beach) says:

    Now how am I gonna do any of this at Gold's 🙁
    I'll be driving up tomorrow…

  4. t says:

    Shawn, you're on the right track as far as getting a gang together… Mat's a beast AND carries a gun for a living!

  5. Justin says:

    Are we going to keep doing this wednesday swim thing, or is that going to end after this week?

  6. t says:

    Popular demand dictates on the swim thing… I plan on doing even after the Kure Beach Tri on Sunday. Justin, you need to just try and get through one of them, worry about next week after Wednesday!

  7. Andy L. says:

    Hey Tony, when you get a chance, can look to see if my KIDNEY is laying somewhere on the gym floor, I lost it somewhere in the middle of todays workout, along with about 4 pints of sweat. Thanks Mat!!!!!!!!

  8. Mat says:

    Ok, Ok, so I screwed up when I "suggested" a couple of exercises we don't do often. What I meant was to throw in ONE exercise PER workout when I mentioned to "t" that we hadn't done some of them in a while. Sorry Gang (but we're all better for doing it anyway!)

  9. James says:

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