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Kat smiling during pull ups…   who smiles doing pull ups???

This Wednesday, 25 June, we’re again taking CF to the beach.  Meet up at Tower 11, next to the Oceanic’s pier, at 5:45pm.  Glenn McCarroll and his triathletes have been kind enought to let us join them in training.  So we’re adding CF to their swimming and they’re adding swimming our CF.  Either way you look at it, it’s great.  Open water swimming adds an unparralled dynamic to the program.

What if you’re not a good swimmer?  Then this is an opportunity to better yourself.  The whole idea of CF is working on stuff we’re not good at in order to make everything better. 

But what if you really can’t swim?  Like everything in CF, it’s scalable.  We’ll shorten the swim or replace it with an alternative.   


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  1. Sensei says:

    Will the Gym still be open? Cause I can't make the beach WOD due to my class. 🙁 I ussually do Wednesdays WOD on lunch that day, No biggy! Cause I will just take it out on my students!!