Our next Olympic Lifting Course starts next Saturday, 12 June
The course is 4 weeks of Olympic Weightlifting Focused Training
We’re offering an AM and a PM class this time. 
The AM class will meet Tuesday monrings at 6am and the PM class will meet on Tuesday evenings at 6pm.  Both classes train together on Saturdays at 10am
Cost is $150
Any level athlete is welcome, beginners are appreciated, and anyone will benefit greatly from enrollment
The signup sheets are on the front desk

CrossFit Coastal’s Affiliate Team, The Port City Hurricanes, further represented Wilmington at the South Eastern Regionals. 
Lori, Gabe, Josh, Heida, and Cody are strong athletes. 
The Port City did work in Florida!
5 rounds for time…
8 Deadlift (315lbs / 225lbs) – release and show regrip with each rep
8 Push Press (155lbs / 115lbs)
*This is supposed to be a heavy workout.  Use atleast 75% of your DL and PP one rep max.  If you have to complete each rep as a single, so be it. 

0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/2/2010

  1. ADAM says:

    Now is this supposed to be slow and controlled but for time? Or slam the deadlift down and catch (regrip) it on the bounce?

  2. Sensei says:

    Use the power of each SEPERATE lift to maximize the benefits of each. LIFT, drop, regrip, LIFT etc.. can be done quickly if you are up for it, or slowly if it's kicking your ass! I will be using #345 for the DL. This should be fun! Do, or do not do, There is no "try"!

  3. t. says:

    Each rep is dead lifted. The release/regrip is designed to eliminate any bounce. Slam lifting the deadlift is unsafe.

  4. ADAM says:

    Thankyou Tony for answering my question. We have done workouts like this before with lighter weight and was told to regrip. Some were doing it slow and controlled, others were bouncing, technically regriping. I know for the next couple weeks we are on a power lifting routine. Just wanted to make clarify. As for … is a f——g idiot!

  5. t. says:

    I know sometimes things can get confusing on what my intent for a workout may be. Safety is always number one. The close second is training effectiveness. The unconsideration becomes the time. I know the workout you're talking about, Adam. I was allowing Zach to push the limits of the "standards" I had posted, only because I had been too vague with them. At lighter weight I don't care as much. And I know 315 is light to many of you boys, so while it's a safety thing for most, it becomes a training effectiveness parameter for you.

  6. ADAM says:

    Its all good Tony. It was Matt telling me just last week about a workout with 225 that he was doing that with. Josh called him out on it, then you corrected Josh that you didn't specify the "regripping". I know im not the fastest or strongest, I just wanna do it correct.

  7. Andrew says:

    Don't forget to sign up for Will Kuenzel's powerlifting seminar on the weekend of July 17th.