On Wednesday I posted a horribly offensive post that alienated women, no wait… fat women.  Crap, I meant overweight women.  Or is it big-boned women?  I have to get this PC thing down.  The post, written by Charles Poliquin, also picked on men who rearrange pillows and say nice things about their wives’ hair cuts!

In the article posted below, Poliquin carries it WAY TOO FAR…  in this article, he goes are far as picking on young children!  He says they have short attention spans and even ADHD.  He says they don’t eat a balanced diet or consume the proper nutrients needed for brain function and general health.  Who is this guy?  I can’t believe society allows this guy to single out and belittle whoever he wants!  First fat chicks, then gays, and now little kids… it’s a travesty.
Read the article:  Give your kids the Back-to-School Edge

CrossFit Wilmington

Back Squat  10 – 10 – 10 – 10 – 10
Shoulder Press  10 – 10 – 10 – 10 – 10
Deadlift  10 – 10 – 10 – 10 – 10 (Do not allow the weight to touch the ground for entire set. Lower to within 1 inch of floor)

Snatch – 1 rep max
Clean & Jerk – 1 rep max
CF Work

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  1. Jeremy B says:

    @ Aaron and the rest of the BJJ club … Good times last night, I feel like I learned a lot ! Thank you all for your energy, good spirit and respect for one another’s joints. ( I still feel at bit like a slept in a tiger cage, regardless of joint respect)

    Have a good weekend CFW !

  2. Meagan says:

    These posts are great Tony. I was definately one of thos Globo gym-carb eating-cardio crazed chicks. Many people that have come to CFW remember me on an ellipticle for hours at Golds. I would do 2 hours of cardio and then eat cereal, because I LOVED IT. Not to mention that it was the healthies cereal….Lucky Charms :-). On top of that, I am allergic to dairy, so I only ate to be miserable. Now I know many of you are rolling your eyes because I know I have always been petite, however, I have never really been lean until CFW. I had the “cottage cheese” leg thing going on….gross I know. I even had a friend tell me, “For as much as you work out….you sure can’t tell.” They were SO right. I busted my ass……and for what….to eat foods that made me sick and I didn’t even look like I worked out????? I changed my eating lifestyle and feel great.

    Here is where I will get on my soap box though….as a teacher it amazes me that we are poisoning our children and wondering why they are failing….wondering why we have the highest percentage of Autism in the state of NC….wondering why more and more children need more and more to succeed in school. We feed them processed CARBS for lunch and call it healthy because it is whole wheat and baked. I look at the foods students eat and it all makes sense to me…..we are poisoning our future and wonder why they struggle so much with Autism, ADD, ADHD, behavior issues, etc. Did you know that there are schools for the children no one else can control and make them grow their own food? Guess what….behaviors are minimal now. They get fresh, home cooked meals for lunch instead of boxed frozen food. Hello world…….I think there is something there. I wish parents could look at the students that are in my class. The ONLY story people would even have to hear is about a beautiful little girl who once was completely typical. She would laugh, talk, play, and run. Now she can’t even crawl on the floor. She can barely talk. She looks like she has had a stroke. The ONLY diagnosis she has been given (even after going to specialty doctors) is that she is allergic to GLUTEN. Only explanation. I have been contemplating going back to school, and if I do, my thesis will be on the effects of the crap we feed our kids and special needs. Okay I am done.

    Happy Friday!!!!

    P.S. No YOGA Sunday….Sorry 🙁

  3. Meagan says:

    Whitney, thank you so much. 🙂 I am glad I know you too. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all and for being such a role model and great parent to your two incredible boys.

    Abs……have fun. Haha

  4. sara! says:

    Abs, can I put my hat in as a possible for your team? I need to secure a timeswap for that day, but ought to be able to do it. I really look at the Warrior Dash poster in the gym with envy, and I’d like to get an idea of this human steeplechase before the summer…

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