Happy Father’s Day.

We’re closed today.

Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture

We’ve started closing on Sundays.  The summer has brought such great weather that our attendance on Sunday has dwindled. 

Next weekend we’ll do a beach WOD on Sunday.  We’ll post the details soon.
From yesterday…
Thomas, Brandy, and Scott – post workout nutrition.
 Taylor and Ron.
 Rachel and Brandy going head to head.
Seeing double?  Caleb and bro Tanner.  Watch out for these boys…  they’re already putting up some impressive numbers. 
 Zach killed the advanced wod.  Nothing new there… will the twins give the youngan a run for his money?  Zach says his not too worried. 
Christina continues to improve and impress!  Looking good Girl!
Brandy, with Scott coaching,
Julie’s CFW garden yeilds a zucchini!!

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  1. Ilario says:

    Hey gang, yesterday was a hoot! Congratulations to all the winners. I plan to get out to Wrightsville Beach loop to run around 5:15. Happy Father's Day!

  2. Peter says:

    Happy Father's Day! Hope everyone has a great day. I got a kick a$$ handmade comic book from my son!!