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Tire flips are fun…  but how about in the sand?  Find out Wednesday at the Beach.  5:45 pm next to Tower 11 at Oceanic’s Pier.

WOD:  "Jackie"

for time:

  • row 1000m
  • 50 squat thruster (45lbs for everyone)
  • 30 pull ups

0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/21/2008

  1. Darren says:

    Does anyone hate tony more than me right now!!!! more squats…lay off the squats!!! and pull ups

  2. Dan says:

    I had so much fun yesterday I want everyone to feel the pleasure of 300 wall shot of hell. I think it should be a required wod. And more squats today Wow.

  3. Tony says:

    Ill will and discontent, huh? I guess you want me to change it to biceps curls, shoulder raises and Twinkies? And D, the squats you do gettin on and off the couch don’t count as a WOD! We could all be like our boy Justin and only work on what we’re good at…

  4. Justin says:

    I suck at overhead stuff, HSPU's in general, front squats, thrusters and burpees. And I do all of those things as often as I can without overtraining. Tony's just mad because he's not as strong as me anymore.

  5. Andrew says:

    Hahaha, just remember that you decided to initiate contact when I wasn't even facing you. I understand that as you move up in age you need to utilize all your resources so I can't fault you there. Anytime you want to grapple though, we can break out the mats. Just don't get upset when I'm forced to put you to sleep.

  6. Don says:

    Hey Andrew, the last time I saw you I was looking down at you on your back with the old man raining elbows and hammer fists into your young, tired, help me mum face….The Old Man!!!!!

  7. Don says:

    Ha….your funny….I don't remember it that way….but then again I can't remember what I had for dinner last night. The Old Man….

  8. scott says:

    Can we try to get one of these beach workouts during the morning for those of us who work in the afternoons?

  9. Andrew says:

    It's all good Old Man. I'll come visit you when they ship your ass off to the retirement home.

  10. scott says:

    I knew i shouldn't have open my mouth. Oh well, at least play a cd with sounds of the ocean. Im sure it will suck just as bad, especially for me!

  11. Andrew says:

    Hahaha, while I don't use hair gel, at least I've got enough up top to make it worthwhile if I did. You're right though, it is all in good fun. The fact that I actively have to try and stay ahead of you really says something about how far you've come since your first day at the gym.

  12. Tony says:

    I asked Nathan, Josh’s 4 yr old son, what strength means. He quickly answered with a very simple “it’s how much you can pick up”. So by a 4 yr old’s definition of strength, and if you assume the deadlift is Nathan’s idea of “pick up”, then admittedly Justin, as are most that only train in the anaerobic threshold, is stronger than I am. However, not being strong enough to do the WODs day in and day out or not possessing the fortitude to complete a Fight Gone Bad or to even attempt a Fran… well, I don’t think anyone but Justin thinks he’s stronger than anyone but Justin.

  13. don says:

    Andrew, you'll be 43 someday…but its all in good fun….I wish Crossfit was around when I was your age….Respect your elders…..Punk….also your sister called and she wants her hair gel back….

  14. Don says:

    Thanks bud, I'm just trying to keep up with all you young stud's and studettes…….. ok leave me alone I'm watching Matlock and eating applesauce and going to bed at 2000hrs…..I'll be in the gym monday around 1000hrs… there and we'll hit it hard…..Hey Tony can you make it a buster? You all stay safe….

  15. Andrew says:

    The Andy Griffith Show is better. I won't be back into town until Monday afternoon. I'll see you up there Tuesday morning. We'll hit it hard then.