Today was awesome!  We gathered enough offset Dawn’s costs of the trip to Cali by quite a bit.  Thank you all so much for coming out and participating, grading, cheering, and donating.  A huge thank you to Clair, Laura, Taylor, Olympia, Jen S., and Tim for donating their gifts for prizes. 
Again, it’s this support and camaraderie that makes CFW so amazing.  Folks just don’t know what their missing!


Happy Birthday Debbie!!!

We’re still opening at 10am as usual.  If you have to get in and workout before the 12 o’clock start time, no big deal…  just pick one of the workouts from below.  Have a someone grade and record it and you are elligible for the prize. 

Today is the fundraiser/cookout.  The workouts start at 12p.  Get here a few minutes early and get warmed up.  There’s a workout for every level CrossFitter.  Sign up for the level that best suits you. 

Today’s events are as follows:

Beginner WOD ($5 buy in):  2 rounds for time…
10 sumo deadlift high pull (85lbs – m / 45lbs – f)
 8 Push press (85lbs – m / 45lbs – f)
Row 500 meters
 Female: Hand-Made Birdhouse by Laura Justice : WINNER Becca
Intermediate WOD ($5 buy in):  2 rounds for time…
10 sumo deadlift high pull (95lbs – m / 65lbs – f)
 8 push press (95lbs-m / 65lbs-f)
Row 500m
Male: 1st Place: 1 month membership free at CFW; WINNER Caleb
Male: 2nd Place: 1 month of Nutritional Counseling at CFW : WINNER Jason
Female: 1st Place:  $50 Gift Certificate from Prima Day Spa: WINNER Colleen   
Female: 2nd Place: Nutritional Counseling at CFW: WINNER Debbie
Advanced WOD ($10 buy in):  3 rounds for time…
10 clean and jerk (135lbs-m / 85lbs-f)
 5 box jumps (28"-m / 24"-f)
15 kettlebell swings (24kg-m / 16kg-f)
Male – New SPRI 24kg Kettlebell: WINNER Raja

Female – New SPRI 16kg: WINNER Taylor

Olympia Flaherty 2 hour photo Shoot : WINNER Richard Babb
Sweet T’s Cake: WINNER Dan Joye

Thank you for coming out and participating today and the donations are very much appreciated!! ~ Dawn

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  1. mere says:

    The Swain Family makes Father's Day/Mother's Day/any holiday into whole weekend events… so, missed today's festivities… so glad to hear that it was a huge success!…and to the fathers out there, Happy Early Father's Day!