Tomorrow is the fundraiser for Dawn and cookout.  Come out and participate.  It’s just like any other WOD, only you can win some good stuff and there’s free food, water, and some cold ones!  The workouts will start at 12p and the chow will be ready around 1p. 

"Why do we have to do these clean and snatch things?"
The snatch and the clean & jerk are difficult.  Hard to learn and hard teach.  Our trainers all go home more tired after a day of coaching the snatch than if we just did overhead squats.  So why do we bother with them?  Benefit to you, our clients is the answer.  I could easily replace the clean with a high pull or the jerk with the push press.  Your workout would be easier and our day would be too.  But you didn’t sign up for that.  When you heard about CFW, you heard we get results.  Much of our results comes from teaching you and your body how to do new things.  It doesn’t get any more new than the snatch for most of you, huh?  The oly lifts, because they are difficult and require so much concentration and focus, yeild more benefit than most of you realize…  yet.
Soon, we will offer a weekly Olympic lifting class…  maybe two.  We are also planning on setting up a 4 week Oly Lifting cycle for those interested.  We also have Coach Chris Wilkes, one the East Coast’s best oly lift coaches, coming for a seminar on 26 July.  If you’ve hit a plateau and know your form on the Oly Lifts is holding you back, consider the weightlifting program.  Like it did for Mere, Zach, Dawn, and the others that followed it back in Jan, Feb, and March, it will take you to the next level too.
Julie coaching Jen on her starting position for the Snatch


Deadlift 1 set of max reps (225lbs – m / 135lbs – f)

Shoulder press 1 set max reps (95lbs – m / 65lbs -f)

OHS 1 set max reps (95lbs – m / 65lbs -f) 

0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/19/2009

  1. Em says:

    Hate that I'm having to miss this WOD…much luv for these lifts (yes even OHS cause I need to get it right!).. t. count me in for lifting classes…when ever I can be there I will! And I am in for the class on the 26th w/ Chris Wilkes…counting the days….who's with me???? If you want more, you have to do more!!!!

  2. Tracy says:

    Tracy the cheerleader will be out of town for the weekend….but she will be there in spirit tomorrow! Have fun!! Is there a envelope that is going to go around for those that can't be there to support Dawn kicking some boo_tay in California?

  3. Andrew says:

    Hell yea T. Pulling an article from not only the greatest conglomeration of strength training information ever (Elitefts), but an article written by Wendler as well. Chalk one up to the big fat powerlifter haha.

  4. taylor says:

    Maria,I'm in for that recipe as well. Chanelle, I think we have some planning to do! Thanks to all you coaches for all the help with the lifts, and everything else we get into. I never thought how much more you guys have to work on days with lifts, it is so true! Much appreciated, thanks again guys

  5. Dana says:

    Missin u guys and gals! Good luck with the fundraiser and wish I could make it! Did a wod yesterday at the local gym and had to run on a treadmill….definitely not nearly as fun, but it's better than sitting on my arse! I never in a million years thought I could miss a gym so much!

  6. Scott S says:

    I hate it but we are going to miss it tomorrow, too. Leave the envelope out next week so we can make a donation. Our girls needs to go to California in style!

  7. Les says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words T. Yeah…yesterday's WOD was frustrating…technique technique technique! But I know that doing these over and over will give me the continued results I desire. What I am seeing so far I could not have done going to traditional gym.
    Looking forward to todays WOD…even though I am sure it will be whuppin' my ass!

  8. Maria Sorg says:

    Taylor and Em, my printer ran out of ink, will bring the recipe in on Mon. Also, I keep forgetting to ask about it when I come in to the gym, but I want to sign up for the Oly class in July. We'll miss you guys tomorrow – we have visitors in town, but we'll be there in spirit and will be happy to make a donation.

  9. Karen says:

    To all the trainers…you rock! Thank you so much for all your advice and help with my form and for your help getting my weight back up on the rack. The tips you offer make such a difference in how the exercise feels. Sorry I can't make it tomorrow; I'll make a donation next week.