We’re closing at 2pm today and will be closed tomorrow for hosting the CrossFit Certification Course
Saturday Workout at "The Loop"
We’re gathering at The Wrightsville Beach Park, i.e., the Loop" for a team style (like the one at Thanksgiving) WOD at 9:45am.  Start time is 10am.  Everyone is welcome, bring friends.
Beach WOD
 Ok… for real this time!
This Wednesday 23 June, at 6pm we’ll do a workout on the beach.
Meet at the lifeguard tower next to The Oceanic Pier
Exercising, but not losing the fat?  It’s probably (it is) your diet.
[Shoulder Press to failure + Push Press to failure]  4 sets (max effort)
*Use a weight that you can get 5-6 reps of the shoulder press
Front Squat   3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 (max effort sets)
100 double unders for time
Class at 530pm


0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/18/2010

  1. Abs says:

    oh snap…class at 530!!!??? DANG is this what we WOULD be doing on Saturday??? I maybe a little late..

  2. Joe W says:

    Amanda and I did a tough WOD today. We went to the mountains and hiked over 10 miles including the tough Grandfather Mtn hike which is over 6 miles round trip. It was tough but even tougher when Amanda suggested we run the last 2 miles. Thinking about this I realize 6 months ago there is no way I could have gone on this hike today. Growing up hiking was one of the things that shaped my life and for the longest time I didn't get to do it. I just want to thank CFW staff and family for giving me the ability to do one of my true loves again. Thank you guys and thanks to my wife who kicks my butt all the time.

  3. Julie G. says:

    I hate I made plans and have to miss the Summer Turkey Loop Run. To any that have not experienced, it is alot of fun. I will be at the loop doing my own version at 8am. So any earlybirds I will take off from the park as well.