Happy Birthday Maura and Jennings!

And congratulations to Jennings and Chanelle on their engagement.

    On Saturday, June 20th, we’re hosting a fundraiser for Dawn to offset the costs of travel to and lodging while in California.
The fundraiser is at CF Wilmington at 12:00 and the food will start coming off the grill around 1p.
    Clair and his crew from Quality Clean will be onsite and offering exterior car washes for donations.
    Taylor Ross of Sweet T’s has donated one of her phenomenal cakes for raffle.
    CFW is offering a month of Nutritional Counseling for raffle.
     Jen S. of Prima Day Spa has donated gifts also. 
     And this just in…  Tim is donating two new Kettlebells.  Think max rep swings in 2 or 3 minutes and the kb is yours! 
    We’ll have workouts with a "buy in" (dontation) to compete and some fun challenges for the prizes.
That’s just for starters. 
    Plan on joining us!

Man made vs. nature made:


Koup sends from Afghanistan.


4 rounds For time…
5 Snatch (135lbs – m / 95lbs – f)
Sprint 100m
10 push press (95 – m / 65 – f)

0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/18/2009

  1. Don O says:

    Read the article, don't like coffee, eat real beef, but had 2 bottles of fat free Italian dressing…..both have been thrown out…..Thanks Guys

  2. No GOOD says:

    Good Morning! FYI Movie Year One with Jack Black opens tonight we are there for the 8 showing, join us, also Morning crew I GOT CHALK!!!

  3. mere says:

    Happy Birthday Maura! Happy Birthday Jennings! 2 CFW birthdays in 1 day- good thing this wasn't known in advance… can't imagine what today's WOD would look like!!

    p.s. Happy belated bday Robin! & Koup, I like the "Weak People Suck"- wish I could read the WOD- I bet it's an interesting one!

  4. Kelli Oosterling says:

    Thank you Tony & Crossfit wilmington for putting up Ryans (KOUPS) pic he will be sooo pumped! great WOD today too!!

  5. something someone said says:

    "One important key to success is
    self-confidence. An important key to
    self-confidence is preparation."
    – Arthur Ashe

  6. taylor says:

    I simply can't get over how bad my a$$ is hurting today!! Is anyone else who did yesterday's WOD seriously impared as well?! Holy cow.

  7. Shawn K says:

    Ditto Taylor. Thankfully, I've been rolling out with a bocce ball which helps tremendously. (If of course you ignore my tears during the actual "roll out" session)

  8. Maria Sorg says:

    Taylor, Yes my gluteus is hurting as well, also the very top part of my calves. And yesterday was my first time doing doubleunders in a wod. I felt like I was doing pretty well, obviously not so good because I have a huge bruise on the ball of my foot.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAURA. Oh and Ron – glad you joined the darkside. You got chalk; your good with me.

  9. Maria Sorg says:

    I have a great recipe for salad dressing, havn't gone back to store bought since. Made with Fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, parsley, and a little honey. I'll copy and bring to the gym if anyone is interested.

  10. Shawn K says:

    Maria, you could bring in the recipe *OR* you could make a giant tub of it and give out bottles to the morning crew… the latter works much better for me. 🙂

  11. EM says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAURA & JENNINGS!!! And Taylor, you are in good company with the arse soreness…ROLLED out of bed this morning! Maria I would LOVE a copy of the recipe…thanks for offering!!

  12. Jill P says:

    What a great day!! Congrats to all..Channelle, that's wonderful news!!Happy Bday Maura and Jennings…

  13. Kate says:

    Happy birthday Maura & Jennings…and Jennings.. nice job on the bling!! Chanelle was grinning from ear to ear when I saw her earlier in the week 🙂 love you both!!

  14. ilario says:

    Wow!! Congratulations Chanelle and Jennings!! Wonderful news! And Happy Birthday my man, call me tomorrow if you can. I'll be on the road all day.

  15. Clair says:

    No Good, Tool is coming to Charlotte July 29th…You know I am going. Lets get together and order the tickets if you want to go!!!

  16. chanelle says:

    Thank you everyone! Kate, I think my grin is going to be around for awhile!! haha. Taylor….I need to talk to you 🙂

  17. Jason Beninate says:

    hey guys just thought i'd say hello…i've been busy in quantico, va. the usmc is treatin me good and i love what i get to do…just last night i was doing a whole bunch of helicopter extraction stuff. i check the website everyday to see what ya'll are up to. unfortunately you dont get much time to work out at TBS. but they deffinately wear us out. i'm glad to hear about new members and the growing fans of crossfit. tony, you've built a great business and i'm glad people are gettin into the addiction. i hope all is well to all of crossfit wilmington. miss everybody a lot, wish ya'll could of seen me do the gas chamber today…lets just say i was doing some of the "extra curricular" events after the initial chamber activities haha. keep it going guys and keep being monsters!

  18. mere says:

    wow jill, you must have really killed it today b/c thomas wanted to make sure we all knew it 3 times! thanks for the sprint help today clair… now that you've given me the inside scoop you better watch out 😉