Today is Robin’s Birthday!! 
Sorry for the late post.  We hope it’s been a great day.
The Fundraiser Cookout for Dawn’s trip to Cali is this Saturday!!!!
Taylor is donating one of her fabulously delicious (devilicious, that is!) cakes for raffle. Clair and his crew from Quality Clean will be onsite taking donations for exterior car washes. No, he’s not wearing a thong!   Jen S. is donating gifts from Prima Day Spa. 
We will have workouts/challenges set up; beginner, intermediate, and an advanced classes.   The beginner and intermediate will require a $10 “buy in” donation and the advanced class, a $20 “buy in”.   Each class winner will receive prizes.
The workouts will start at 12 o’clock noon and the food should be coming off the grill around 1 o’clock.  Come out and enjoy the fun.  Bring friends and family.  Everyone’s welcome. 


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of…

12 one legged deadlift (6 left / 6 right) 135lbs-m / 95lbs-f
 5 pull ups
20 double unders

0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/17/2009

  1. Kevin_CF Stone Bay says:

    Tony, I don't think I can make it down there Saturday to the fundraiser, but I'd like to help out. You have an address I can send a donation to?

  2. ilario says:

    Word Seth. I think Jill will handle,Thanks man!
    CFF(CFW north!) didn't do a heavy lift component before we ran, but we did 4×800 with 4 min. Tough course- actually a 200m course, back and forth 4 times- Dizzying. Times: 2:53, 2:55, 2:58, 2:53. We're doing Filthy Fifty today. Miss you guys. Will be in Sat, for Dawn (just want a shot at one of Taylor's cakes!), and on Sunday(if still open) at 2pm, then off to beach for 3pm run WOD. All welcome.

  3. ilario says:

    Sweet T's cake crushed that pretender cake…"I pity tha fool…"Plus, Taylor's had special "Patriotic" Guts and no carbs (it was made out of meat)

  4. taylor says:

    I just got done baking the MOTHER LOAD of cup cakes. I think I am going to do a cup cake and a raffle ticket for $. I guess you can buy a ticket with no cup cake, but that's lame. Ilario, I wonder if you can make a cake out of meat, kind of a bastardisation of meatloaf! Who's birthday is next?!!

  5. t. says:

    She did chest to bar pull ups better than the rest of us, then got on a Harley and rode home to bake cup cakes… Taylor you just don't make sense. Rock it.