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  1. ChrisJ says:

    In the above listed article at fitness spotlight, there is a great quote, whether it be fitness or life…"There is no real failure…there is no real success….only actions and results. Stop judging yourself and just do what you know you need to do. As the worst action, is taking none at all." Excellent thought to mull.

  2. Andrew says:

    Thought the article was pretty decent. Made some good points all around. Didn't agree with everything he said, but that's to be expected.

  3. laura says:

    There are 2 events coming up Crossfit can represent. Wednesday June 17 @ UNCW track Tom Clifford is doing a "fun" track meet to raise money for the maintenance of the track . Sign-up from 5:00-5:45p.m.Race begins @ 6:00 Events: 1 mile 800m 400m & 4×400 relay (4 people running 1 lap) Cost: first 3 events $10.Relay $5 per person. All proceeds go to the track.
    The Blueberry Festival in Burgaw is having a 5k run Saturday morning @ 7:30 Registration @ 6:30. Web address http://www.ncblueberryfestival.com

  4. Maria Sorg says:

    I have to say, it makes me a little nervous when tomorrow's wod is not posted by 2pm…hmmmm.

  5. Seth says:

    Taylor and Jill (or Ilario) – Dana asked me to leave an envelope for each of you at the front desk…the one for Jill is addressed to the kids. Just wanted to give you both a heads up to pick it up next time you are there.

  6. mike says:

    t, just post something, i do not care if it is not the actual wod that is tomm. so i can quit saying "i don't know" when maria ask me.