Today is Julie’s Birthday.  It’s a secret though, don’t tell her where you heard it.

Dr. Eades explains ketosis:

What’s so difficult about "eat meat, nuts and seeds, green vegetables, berries, no starches, and no sugars"??

     Ok, so there’s a lot of confusion out there on this diet thing. Paleo, Zone, protein grams, protein sources, protein drinks, fat times 3, fat times 5, good fats, bad fats…   what the? What about post workout nutrition? I can eat whatever I want then, right? How about sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, and all the other food that I thought were good for me? And what about dairy… I definitely need the calcium from dairy, right? 
     There are so many questions about dieting and in a small community such as ours; it’s easy for misinformation to spread quickly. 
The basic rules are well established, easily explained, and Google yields tons of sites full about paleo nutrition. So it should be fairly simple…   but we know it’s not. 
     To further complicate matters, the recommendations I give one athlete may be very different from what I suggest to another. 
     Why? Because not all of us have the same goals! Weight loss candidates don’t need to eat like athletes trying to gain strength. Those strength athletes won’t eat like endurance athletes. An average CF’er trying to improve general and broad fitness and seeking excellent health won’t eat the same as any of the above…   but they will all eat the same foods. 
      It’s all clear now, right? Didn’t think so…
With varying fitness goals there will be variances, modifications, and “cheats” (not pizza, cookies, cake, and other junk food cheats!) to the paleo diet. The differences in diet, therefore, are not about genetics, gender, or blood type, but about what a person wants from what they eat. 
     The most prominent misconception that I want to clear up is that paleo nutrition is all about weight loss.  It is not. It’s about optimal health and nutrition. It’s about lowering and managing insulin levels and eating for how our bodies have evolved. Weight loss can be achieved by eating only Skittles and drinking Mt. Dew as long as you eat fewer calories of Skittles and Mt. Dew than your body burns. That’s easy enough, eh?  
Paleo feeding is the most nutritionally sound way to reach optimal health. Paleo eating for weight loss or any other goal just means tweaking things a bit.


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  1. ilario says:

    Happy Birthday Julie! I wish I could be there to give you a big bear hug, but i thought to myself: "Self, what would be better than a bear hug?" Why, just the "Bear Complex" of course!

    I remember when we did it last year at CFW, and I was just starting out…a year later, Jill and I just did it at CFFrederick( CFW North) and it wiped us out. But CFW represented: Both of the owners were rocking CFW t-shirts, Jill and I were ( of course) and our 2 goons were sporting their "CFW lil'monsters" shirts. It was an invasion. Big hugs for Ms. Julie,, T. make em Bear Hugs, as a present from me!

  2. peter says:

    Okay, I am working on third week paleo. I have been pretty strict with eating only little cheese and some spaghetti sauce–all natural–no pasta with it. I have lost 6 pounds without necessarily wanting to lose weight, I think it's just excess weight my body didn't need. I do feel good but I am always hungry. Once you get used to it, it's not hard to do. The real test for me will be to see what kind of impact paleo has had on my insides. For some reason, all my levels are high so I am excited to see what an impact this has had on them. I'll keep you posted.