***All…  I’ll be at CFW from 4p thru about 5:30 this afternoon working Oly Lifts.  Feel free to stop in and work in with me, do today’s wod, or whatever you’d like.  -t.

No more excuses!!!  Unless you’ve no mental will…  then just keep being weak. Only pitiful people like weak people.

"If you think weakness can be turned into strength, I hate to tell you this… but that’s another weakness."  – Jack Handy (yes, of Saturday Night Live’s "Deep Thoughts")

Daniel high bar back squat – 385lbs x 6 reps.

WOD:  For time…

50 ghd situps
run 400 meters
50 kb swings (16kg – all)
run 400 meters


0 thoughts on “Posted: 6/13/2009

  1. Don O says:

    The Big Buddy Basketball game between the Wilmington Police and the New Hanover Sheriffs office is set for this Sunday at 3:00pm at Williston Middle School. If you bought a ticket it is still good…..Come on out and see us play…..Thanks, Don O

  2. t. says:

    I'm in… but I'm only going so I can sit in the bleachers and yell "you suck" repeatedly at a bunch of cops!

  3. Ilario says:

    Daniel, Holy Cow dude! That is impressive! And Dawn, you look so relaxed in yesterday's photo…crushing that WOD. It reminds me of a great David Mamet line: She's so cool, that when sheep go to sleep, they count her!