I saw this on  Coach Rut’s site, The Fitness Conduit (  It’s a great illustration of how so many believe with enough exercise they can do whatever they want to their bodies.  How many times have you heard someone say, or said yourself, "I’ll just workout longer/harder tomorrow" before they/you ate some crappy food or had a few glasses of your favorite beverage?  Fitness does not not equate to wellness. 

"Jackie"  For time…

Row 1000 meters
50 thrusters (45lbs – all)
30 pull ups

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  1. ilario says:

    Team, I followed yesterday's counseling with great interest. CFW trainers have echoed a theme that Olympic coaches espouse: "Don't do something because it "feels good to your body" and expect that it is the right thing. RATHER, do the right thing and your body will learn to feel good doing THAT." This concept applies to form in a lift or what we put in our mouth. The mind is and always will be the biggest limiter/enabler of your progress in this or any other program. My personal testimonial: After sipping the Kool-aid for a year, I have embraced the efficacy of garbage-in-garbage-out.
    Now, my diet is tightly regulated. Alcohol and junk are eliminated- sugar now makes me sicker than booze and i don't want that damage. I track my workouts by journal every day and I make sure I get rest days and at least 7 hours sleep. I share this with you, because at 38 years old (soon) i am in a unique place: I am in the best shape of my life. More importantly, I have tweaked the variables and inputs to "reverse" the aging process. I can declare with confidence, that after doing the work on my "lifestyle" and embracing the CFW training philosophy, I will be in better shape at 39 and even better shape by 40. I will compete for the CF games next year, and the year after etc. What is unique about that? unlike 99%of the population (over 30), time is on my side. I know that if I keep all other inputs constant, our CFW program will continue to deliver the gains over time that will allow me to perform at a different level. The proof is in the pudding (not the kind that tastes "good", but the kind that feels good). PS, I miss you all! Glad there are so many new faces. I hope they heed your advice, T.

  2. confused says:

    Question- Why do we hear so oftern that when people go on Atkins (Paleo?) they gain the weight back once they add fruits and veggies back in? How does one get the nutrients we need without those??

  3. t. says:

    Confused… yes, you are. The Atkins isn't Paleo, per se. But like The Zone, it can be. The Paleo indicates what foods to eat, or quality. Most diets, like Atkins and The Zone focus on how much to eat, i.e., quantity. With any "diet" that is caloric restrictive once you return to the old ways of eating you'll put the weight back on. Your body knows not the difference of a carb in green veggies and fruits or those in a snickers bar or ice cream! A carb is a carb is a carb. Without getting into the science of glycemic load and index, the time it takes your body to digest, absorb, and assimulate a carb is the direct ratio the body produces insulin. That's the basic difference of carbs. Fruits are worse than veggies b/c fructose is compromised of more than 90% sucrose.
    So let me try to sum it up… carbs elicit insulin. Insulin must be present to store fat. Go on no/very low carb diet, lose fat. Reintroduce the carbs, reintroduce insulin… store fat. This is a VERY simplified explaination… hope it helps.

  4. Sensei says:

    Wait…wait…wait just a dang minute….you put 25's on for Jackie and didn't tell me? That's messed up dude! I did her again for you! 7:04 1st 8:22 2nd. Would've gladly put 25's on to match you, but I didn't know! GOOD JOB BROTHER!

  5. Clair says:

    Charlie, MY main Man I was just asking about You yesterday,I haven't seen You in a while, hope all is well Brother!!!

  6. t. says:

    Jackie with 95lbs thrusters? Holy s**t! I hadn't thought of that… impressed and humbled. I think Charlie has the "do more" part covered on this one.