There’s an overwhelming amount of research showing the damaging affects LSD training has on our body’s immune, endocrine, skeletal, and nervous systems. Even better, becasue I prefer quantifiable comparisons, we see that some of our fastest run times are not the runners or endurance athletes.  I know what you’re saying…  we don’t run long distances.  Hmmmm…  I’d put most any of our sub 10 minute "Helen" athletes up against endurance athletes in their own events.   But, if your goal is overall wellness, i.e., fitness and health, then you have no arguement either way as the costs to your health from LSD training outweighs the benefits to your fitness.
So why do so many very intelligent people continually hurt themselves and their overall wellness with LSD exercise?  Typically, LSD athletes respond "for better cardiopulmonary/vascular health and performance".  Yet most cardio athletes’ training has no planning, minimal focus, or defined goal.  It’s basically the same as what hippies do…  wander around with no point or purpose, just at a slightly increased pace.  If your training has no point, purpose, or plan…  it will return unmeasuralbe result, if any at all.  LSD training’s damage to our bodies is usually very aparent in it’s athletes.  From the feet up, the inflammation creates an environment ripe for injuries.  An endurance athlete messing about with Crossfit, or a Crossfitter messing about with endurace work is typically nursing some type of inflammatory injuruy.  Of course, they’re usually eating lots of carbs and are perpetuating inflammation throughout their bodies…  how many endurance athletes do you know with nagging elbows, knees, or shoulders?   
Oh…  it’s also very ineffective at fat loss:
Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture
Chris receiving the bar in a Snatch.

Clean – heavy single

For time – Your choice of whichever WOD you didn’t do this week. 
1/2 "Cindy" (Friday’s WOD) 
1 mile & Burpee WOD (Wednesday’s WOD)

16 thoughts on “Posted: 5/9/2009

  1. maria says:

    Happy mother's day crossfit moms – Rachel, Jill, Dana, Debbie, Grace (soon to be)… I'm probably missing some but – Have a great day!

  2. Debb says:

    Thanks Maria, and Happy Mother's Day to you and to all my favorite Moms at CF. I have had a great weekend so far with my two little monsters, I love being a Mom.
    I have started back kayaking does anyone have an interest? Let me know, and we can plan a local trip.

  3. Shawn K says:

    If you or I can run it… its not LSD… unless it can also mean Lethargic Short Distance

  4. clint says:

    hey man….I am becoming a runner..I have done crossfit endurance 3 days a week for a month now and i did it today adn added 50 burpies. I know this much …for the rest of you when you see 240lbs come running in the door after the next WOD that requires running you better clear the way..because I am not very good at stopping all of this machine..

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