Saturday Seminars: 
Basic Gymnastics and Bodyweight Progressions
Saturday, May 8th at 10am – 12pm
Spend 2 hours with Dawn and Caleb learning to better your balance, coordination, and core stability.  They’re work on handstand progressions, floor work, rings, and other bodyweight movements. 
Cost $20 for open gym members / No cost for unlimited class members

Nutrition Class
Paleo / Zone and IF 101
Tuesday, 11 May (Changed) at 6:30p
Cost $30 – all attendees

We’re closing at 12pm tomorrow afternoon so we can all get to the Rib Off / Cookout.

The Punch Press
5 rounds for time…
30 [15 ea arm] Punch Press (bar + 45lbs, bar + 25lbs)*
Row 400m
*Safety note: thumb goes over the end of bar. 

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  1. t. says:

    Thanks to everyone for coming to the running / endurance clinic. Work the drills into your warm up and any other oportune time. Laearn the skill and technique, increase intensity, and then… only then, add volume. Back off the intesity and/or volume when your technique degrades. Otherwise you're training to do it wrong. That's how anything we want to master works… may it be running, lifting, shooting (match this Sunday if anyone's interested), or whatever activity; practicing it wrong ingrains bad habits.

  2. DC says:

    To My CFW family,
    Let me say this I apologize about not getting the chance to do a proper goodbye, and wish I had more time to work and meet with everyone. You all have become super great athletes and have improved so, so much. Please keep up the hard work and for those of you I had the pleasure of meeting and working out with I hope I was able to share something with you that will help improve your skills. I look forward to see you all once again.. See ya in a few months.

  3. peter says:

    Rib Party announcement
    when you come into the reserve park wherever you like, there are no specially assigned visitor spots. When you come into the front door of the clubhouse turn right and then left down the hallway. the kitchen area is on the right and i will have some tables set up where you can put your grub. we have a frig if you need to keep anything cold. IMPORTANT: DO NOT BRING ANY GLASS INTO THE POOL AREA. i am going to be bringing burgers and all beef hot dogs for the kids and just so we have extra, i'm bringing a pack of 32 and going to make as many burgers as i can out of 6lbs of meat. I'm also making (actually making the wife make) a broccoli type coleslaw. Looking forward to tommorow for some

  4. Eric McGraw says:

    Tony and Julie,

    Two weeks in to crossfit and feeling good. Thanks for the intro class. For anyone that is struggling with form it is a great idea. Both Dawn and Abby did a great job. It well certainly help prevent injuries!