Julie and Dawn in the new girlie t’s.
Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture
CFW’s first member, Kaiden, gets help from Dad on his high pulls.
For time…
2 rounds
5 clean (185-m / 115-f)
10 push ups
2 rounds
5 clean (135-m / 95-f)
10 push ups
2 rounds
5 clean (95-m / 65-f)
10 push ups

0 thoughts on “Posted: 5/7/2009

  1. Tracy says:

    Anyone want to join me in Taylor's AWESOME Power Punch class tonight at 5:40 at Gold's on Racine??
    Maria thanks for helping me with my burpees yesterday!! Good to see you!

  2. ju says:

    Jill, You have come a long way! Those cleans were bad A@#! I got chills watching you do them. You go girl!

  3. Jill P says:

    You are sweet to say that…Some of the lift's don't come that naturally and the shrugs are hard..Thanks to all of Crossfit Wilmington's EXCELLENT instuctors, I do feel I have come a way from where I started..Especially when I get that BOOm BOOM POW 🙂

  4. Christina says:

    Also I wanted to say THANK YOU A HUGE THANK YOU to Colleen she did my last 30 burpees with me yesterday and didnt have to!!!! and to my hunny Chris!!! Thank all of you who encourage me everyday, it really helps!!!!

  5. Christina says:

    Hey Tracy I wish I could go with you I have been wanting to go but I dont get off until 530 then I didnt bring my clothes!!!! Let me know next time you go!!!! 262-6526

  6. taylor says:

    I don't know what BOOM BOOM POW is , but I think I want some too! THanks girls for coming out and representing!!Class was awesome with you guys there. I was all burpeed out, but I hope you still saw what an influence CF has had on my class. Tony, I totally had a bag waiting for you, maybe in a few weeks 🙂

  7. Daniel says:

    Big shout out to Andrew for graduating BLET!!! Top scores in the class and top score on the State Exam! Not to mention 99% firearm accuracy! Nice job dude!

  8. taylor says:

    I like Helen, but I wish we could mix up the numbers. I would totally rather do 15 pullups than air squats, maybe we could do a Neleh one day: 15 pullups 10 pushups 5 squats, hehe

  9. ilario says:

    Andrew! Congrats! I was thinking about you last night, but I'm sorry I didn't make it. NC Law Enforcement has a new stud in its ranks!

  10. Andrew says:

    Daniel, I appreciate you coming out last night. Glad I was able to get up there on stage a couple of times so the short trip was worth it haha. Ju-Ju and Ilario, thanks a lot guys. I appreciate the kind words. Time to start training even harder.