Tuning up April…
April Lowe traveled from Florida and her home at CrossFit Affliction to train with us for the weekend.  In an earlier post, we congratulated April on her 8th place finish in the SouthEast CrossFit Sectionals.  We’ve been helping her with her training and nutrition via email for a few months now.  But over the weekend we were able to work one on one with her.
April is very new to CrossFit, starting only last fall.  Much of her success in CF is the result of pure work capacity and athletism.  She is very strong and powerful.  Steve and Heidi of CF Affliction have great programming and have brought April into the mix of CF very quickly.  Our focus with April was technique.
Day 1: The Clean Pull – Pulling with arms from the knee with no transition and rounded out at 135lbs to full extension and high elbows at 205lbs.
Day 2: The Snatch and OHS:  Day 1’s transition and pull work transfered over to Day 2’s Snatch work.
April had only OH Squatted 85lbs prior to this weekend and has never max’ed it.  We had her work up to 155lbs.  Her max is undoubtably over 200lbs.
 Ripping through "Grace" w/ 95bs
Day 3: Clean, Jerk, and Front Squat technique
How do you teach a CFer to quit pressing the Jerk up and become more effecient?  Teach them to "finger tip" jerk.  It’s not applicable to most CF WODs, but it forces the athlete to drop under the barbell versus trying to push it overhead.  Once they learn it this way, the skill transfer to a gripped Jerk is tremendous.  Power is great.  Technique is paramount.  If you’ve them both, you’re doing more with less effort.
We’ll see April at the regionals!
21 – 15 – 9 reps for time…
Snatch (155lbs / 95lbs)
knees to elbows


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  1. Em says:

    Everybody get out there and vote if you have not already…weather be damned! You've earned your right to vote, now exercise it!

    April, very nice meeting you, can't wait to see you in Florida…you're gonna do well!!

  2. April L. says:

    I had so much fun training at CFW! The coaching was awesome and everyone was so kind and generous. Thanks so much for having me! I look forward to watching the CFW Affiliate team kick butt in Jax!

  3. drew says:

    t, I almost posted that video, but my better judgment said not to, haha. So true though!

  4. chrisJ says:

    Vote today! No excuses to miss are accepted. Exercise this mighty right. IP, one of CFW's own, is in a fight we need him to win…so vote and tell your friends to vote!

  5. Julie G. says:

    Maria, awesome job today!! We really do have an awesome CF family!! I am so proud how everyone was kind and inviting to April. We both had a great few days of training. I am excited about being home for two solid weeks and getting to actually make a social event. Rib Cook-off sounds like fun!!

  6. maria says:

    Thanks LIz!! And thanks for the verbal push. Great job on the box this AM…Awesome job Audrey I am so impressed with how far you've come with technique just after 1 class with Tony!!