Don’t forget…
We’re closed Saturday and Monday for Memorial Day Weekend.  Have a safe and fun weekend. 
Safety:  Don’t drink and drive (or anything dangerous!).  It’s not fair to the families you put in danger if you do. 
Be safe and enjoy the Summer’s start! 
Shoulder Press w/ chains – 152lbs at the bottom, 196lbs at the top
Accumulative loading with chains adds weight as you move through the ROM
The lifter begins the press, squat, or pull with a challenging weight and as he/she "gets stronger" in the extension of the movement the chain is lifted from the ground and progressively adds weight to lift.
Tracy – 140lbs from the floor to 194lbs at the top for a sets of 5
Spend 5 minutes working on double unders
Weighted Knees to Elbows  8 – 8 – 8 – 8
*Place dumbell between the feet*
Weighted GHD Situps  10 – 10 – 10
30 hollow rock

0 thoughts on “Posted: 5/27/2010

  1. Angela! says:

    Dawn! This morning I forgot to say good luck! So good luck! and Good Luck to all of our CFW reps (ALTHOUGH, you don't need luck). Safe travels today. Be Great this weekend! So proud of you all and proud to have you representing our amazing box.

  2. Scott S says:

    So I wonder what it is like in the cars going down to the Sectionals….everyone calm, or is it a bathroom break every fifty miles??

  3. Maura says:

    Tracy and Tony you guys rock! Trace, lookin strong girl, I always enjoy workin out with you. Misty, unbelievable job on the iron-man! And good luck to everyone competing in FL this weekend! You will all do great, enjoy it!

  4. Sensei says:

    Ah…I remember the trip up to Ohio last year for the qualifier. Scott, the restroom breaks were pretty normal, pretty calm but with an energetic and amazing undertone of budding friendships and camaraderie that had not been felt. And you couldn't feel until you spent 10 hours in a car with people that you've only worked out with in the past. I had the pleasure of riding with Julie, Zach, and Dan Moorehouse. We learned about each others lives, pasts and a little bit more (… how fast Julie can unrack a fully loaded glock with one hand while driving 80 miles an hour and pulling over because she thought she was getting pulled for speeding). Ilario said it best during that weekend "I FEEL A DEEP SENSE OF JOY!!". This was repeated by all of us, and it has been repeated again throughout the year. I am an emotional guy. As I finnished the last WoD that weekend I was brought to tears by the feelings of overwhelming strength, help, and love that we all share on our team and in our family. I con only imagine that this weekend will bring our CFW family members together even closer and I am sad to be missing it!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL! STAND UP AND ROCK THIS WEEKEND OUT PEOPLE! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR WOD'S ON YOUTUBE!!

  5. Ju says:

    LOL ah Aaron that was an awesome weekend! You said it… What an awesome weekend. Goodluck to everyone this weekend. You all are amazing atheletes and people. You all make CFW proud in more ways than 1.

    On a side note I think I found a video of Sensei on Chris Jone's FB!