Misty Brown completes Ironman St. George in 13.55:06
Her finish placed her 30th in the women’s 35-39 age groups.
Read about this very difficult Ironman Race:
Deadlift  5 – 20 – 5 – 20 – 5 – 20 – 5
-Pull with speed at the top. 
-Return each weight to ground slowly (5-6 seconds). 
-Release and regrip each rep.
-Check your ego – the wieght used is irrellevant.  The interval and the regrip (it makes each rep a DEAD lift) will pay exponentially in strength gains.
For time…
50 low kick (x 2, left and right kicks) burpees
*Complete the jump of the burpee, land ready to fight and throw your kicks with power.

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