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CrossFit Wilmington member Don O.

Joined CrossFit Wilmington in February 2008

Starting weight: 238lbs
Current weight: 205lbs
Dead lift: then 275lbs, now 425lbs
Shoulder press: then 135lb, now 200lbs
Push press: then 155lbs, now 265lbs
Fran: then 11+ minutes, now 4:21 minutes (I think)
1 mile run: then 9+ minutes, now 6:24 minutes (best time)
Dead hang pull ups: then 2, now 15
Handstand pushups: then O, now 10
Box jump: then 20 inches up to 46 inches (close on 48 inch)
Old eating habits: I ate everything and didn’t care. 
My new eating habits: Paleo/Zone with amazing results!
“I started doing Crossfit because of a bump in my career which led me to poor eating habits.  I tell everyone that Crossfit Wilmington saved my life.  They then ask what the secret is and I reply "Extremely hard work day in day out. There is no magic pill or diet or cream or any of that bulls**t.  It’s my mindset. They tell me about the crazy workouts they see online and say that they have to get in shape first! [That’s just backwards!] 

"The first time Don came into CFW, my honest thought was I’d never see him again.  He was a mess!  It wasn’t obvious to me at the time (how could it, he was heaving and spitting and puking!), but Don saw CFW as new challenge.  Sometime during that first WOD he made a serious decision to get his fitness, diet, and life back in order.  Don’s mental strength, dedication, and self discipline rivals that of any I’ve ever trained with.  He’s become a very good friend and role model to me."  -t. 

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  1. Scott S says:

    Don- I am always amazed at your numbers but never knew how far you had come. What an inspiring improvement in your life. You are right about the mindset. CFW breeds mental toughness, physical strength is just one of the benefits. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ju says:

    Don, you are an amazing friend and athlete. I am so glad that you made CFW a part of your life.

  3. Don O says:

    Each Memorial Day and Veterans Day, many of us take time to recognize the sacrifices of those men and women who have served in uniform. But around the country, these solemn holidays often end up meaning little more than a chance to buy things on sale or a chance for a 3 day weekend.
    I read an article called "Who Are America's Heroes?"
    In this article a question was asked to a plane full of people. Name just one of the Medal of Honor Recipients from the current wars in Afghanistan or Iraq and get a free drink. But the passengers' response-more specifically, the inability of all but just one to respond-revealed how little the average American knows about its military heroes. Bombarded by superhero lure almost from birth, many Americans have grown to revere fictional heroes as well as sports and celebrity Icons. Whats wrong with our country when out of 150 passengers only one could name a Medal of Honor recipient, but 43 can name an American Idol Winner? Its the current lack of Appreciation of our Military from our elected officials who have not wore a uniform or served this great nation. So as Memorial Day comes tomorrow, WHO ARE YOUR HEROES? As a child my heroes were and still are Col. Bull Simons, Dick Meadows, James "Nick" Rowe. TRUE AMERICAN HEROES. God Bless our Military, past, present and future.

  4. Andrew says:

    Great post Don. It's been awesome getting to know you over the last year +. Always there when I need someone to tell me how worthless I've become haha.

  5. Em says:

    Loved reading about your progress Don…you're an amazing athlete! Keep up the great work!!

  6. Jen S. says:

    Love you Don!! And I thought you were always the beast that we know today!! Thanks for pushing yourself and everyone else (especially me) to our limits and past!