Whole Grains…  more bad poop on what "they" say is good for you: http://lifespotlight.com/health/2009/05/21/real-truth-healthy-grains/

Wednesday, 27 May, is the next Nutrition Class.  You’re doing CrossFit, the most effective and demanding fitness program available.  You come to CFW day in and day out putting in so much hard work.  Isn’t time you tuned up your diet to compliment your fitness program?  If your progress hasn’t improved much lately, it’s either your diet, you’re not putting in the effort, or both.  The effort thing is hard to teach, but the diet is easy.  Both are entirely up to you!  Come and learn how to eat for rigtht for your goals.  The class begins at 7:30pm and should be done by 9:30.  So that means we’ll close the gym 30 minutes early.  The cost is $20.


Ilario after Wednesday’s WOD.


5 rounds for time…

10 sandbag snatches (30lbs – M & F)
20 sledge swings (10lbs – M / 8lbs – F)
10 burpees
 3 tire flips

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  1. Tracy says:

    Ilario! I look at the shirt and then I look at your face and I keep cracking up! You pushed yourself yet again my friend!