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Josh Edwards, CFW’s GM, runs the daily operations at CrossFit Wilmington.  He’s overall responsible for the excellent training and fluid scheduling you guys only know as the efficient way CFW works.
Josh also oversees and coordinates the mentoring and training of our staff.  Just getting a CrossFit certification doesn’t make you CFW Instructor material.  It’s a lengthy process before one of our instructors ultimately earns the title “Primary Instructor”.  We follow a “Train the Trainer” methodology.  CFW’s process for developing our Instructors far exceeds that of most CF Affiliates.
First and foremost, our instructors display excellent leadership skills and the understanding of our CrossFit and Olympic Lifting Programs.  Then they are invited to join our staff.  They all start as interns and must be physically one of our best.  Our instructors set the example and can post top times on the boards at any CF world wide.
As interns they attend classes as a student; listening and absorbing our PI’s techniques and styles of teaching.  After a minimum one month as interns, they move up to Assistant Instructor.
As AIs they begin teaching classes alongside one of our Primaries.  Only after 3 months of being an AI and showing all the attributes required to be a CFW instructor, are they are promoted to full on, CrossFit Wilmington Instructors.  It’s our way of insuring our members are getting the highest quality, most consistent fitness instruction anywhere.

CrossFit WOD
3 rounds for time…
30 Box Jumps
20 Handstand Push Ups
20 Wall Ball – 10ft. target (20lbs/14lbs)
10 Toes to Bar
10 Deadlift (255lbs/155lbs)
Run 400m

12 thoughts on “CFW Fundamental: Train the trainer

  1. Debb says:

    G. Maybe I need more calling out as an old memeber. Not a deadlift but geting overhead, can’t tell if going up or going down either way it is not the best form. The DL’s I did today I hope had much better form. OK bring it on…..

  2. Abs says:

    I am almost certain that befturore that bar came off the floor…form would be corrected. Espeacially with JOSH there because he often preemptivly strikes bad form by reminding our members continuously what the right way should feel like. Pictures can capture athletes resting or breaking which can seem like bad form. We are fortunate to video quite a bit and use video as a training tool. Debbie…what ever you need please ask your trainers…we often focus on our newer members simply because they ask a ton of questions and really apply what we are teaching. What I do love about training at CFW tho is that we teach demo and sometimes preach but we hold each of our members accountable for themselves. You get out what you put in and you can only learn if you listen. Now on a different nite CFCB was fun today…way to represent CFW!

  3. t. says:

    G, thanks for pointing out the bad DL form. But she’s not Pulling…

    The photo is taken from a video of yesterday’s G2O WOD… she’s returning the barbell to the floor from overhead and it’s relatively light for Deb. I can post the vid if you’d like. Deb isn’t a new member. She’s been with us for over 2 years. Her PR deadlift is 225lbs with excellent form.

    G, If you’ve not experienced our focus or seen our results, we don’t have a walk in fee. Come see why we are one the most successful CF Affiliates. The energy and intensity at CFW is always tip top and we’ll alot of fun to train with.

    Any of our new members will attest to the focus and dedication they get from our instructors. Our classes have a 1:6 instructor to student ratio. I’m big on that one.

    I’d be interested in knowing how we could spend more time on the new members if I don’t spend time making my instructors the best they can be. That’s a carriage before the horse type of thing to me. But please, give me your insight. Email me if you’d rather not get into this on our comments page.

    Also, Debbie is actually not in a class in the photo. She’s an open gym member. To graduate to our open gym program you have to be able perform all our exercises with excellent form.

    I appreciate the feedback. Come by anytime.

  4. josh says:

    It is a pleasure to train and mentor our staff and members! There is a reason we are the best Crossfit around. g.? if that is your real name… ha ha, you’ll be hard pressed to find any instructor, let alone member who would let anyone get away with shoddy form or short ROM (range of motion). Our indoc program not only teaches individuals proper form, technique and function… we also teach how to watch for the decline in form and how to spot correct. Kind of a system of checks and balances, everyone watching everyone else’s back!
    Debbie, this pic was of you returning the bar to the ground after going overhead. If you look just right I am making a comment about how you returned the bar to the ground. The sun casting across my chin might confuse some of those who are not used to my chisled, granite like features (AKA rock head)

  5. Debb says:

    Love me some CFW…I am never not corrected especially by Josh. It’s been that way ever since I have been with CFW. All others at the box feel free to let me know about form and I would not have it any other way, it also keeps my ego in check. While I’m at I have been patient with my shoulder problems and now I am successfully increasing weight to where I used to be without any problems. It feels great to be able to move forward again and gain some PRs. By the way the classes really keep me and my form working hard. Without them throught my recovery of my shoulder I believe I would have fell so far behind plus sometimes I feel like I am getting an Oly class everytime. I need it because I can’t be at the gym when I want to. We (and i say we because I feel apart of this gym as much as anyone) have the most incredible instructors. Nothing compares to this crew in all the years that I have been looking for the right fit. And you know I just love meeting the new people and seeing there accomplishments….

  6. Julie G. says:

    I am so glad you guys stepped in because anything I could come up with to comment was not very nice. Sheepdogs.

  7. No GOOD says:

    Last week I was instructing with Josh and Debb showed up for the CLASS. I asked her why is she still taking classes… She replyed why should I not be taking the classes….. I had no response…she was so right. We all need to step outside and recieve guidance from time to time. To quote Judge Dread “No one is above the LAW” Meaning we all need assistance from time to time no matter who we are. And who the HELL is “G”

  8. DC says:

    The One thing I can say about CFW is that we aren’t scared to tell people hold on your messing that up. There are far to many boxes out there that wont correct a member or staff if they are doing something with poor form. Sometimes when doing a WOD you start to lose form but if you don’t have those people there telling you to fix it you’ll always do it incorrect. The 1 problem i have with CF is that there are to many owners who are out to make a “BUCK” vs a Health Client. So what happens is the client getting crappy form guidelines and poor limited amounts of education. I’m sure you could ask any of our member who have came from other boxes to join or visit on the knowledge that CFW offers it clients, and staff is far above the rest. Since before day 1 T has said he wanted to offer more then just a box, more then just a place people could workout at. He wanted to offer something different to Wilmington and NC. And I think it’s safe to say we have. Day in and day out Josh and everyone stay on top of client and their form. And even though Debb has been with us for 2 yrs she is no stranger to the across the gym yelling of staff. And No good already said it.. we ALL need to get guidance from time to time. Hell even though he created a Hell of a box T is always searching and learning. Thats what make a great coach. Someone who is welling to learn more and pass it along.

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