Congratulations Jess! 
Jess did Monday’s WOD, one of the WODs from last weekends’ qualifier, in the best time of all the ladies that have joined CFW since the New Year.  She took the gift certificate from Prima Day Spa.  Jess’s time was better than many of the contestants at the qualifier.  Good stuff!

Core/Midline Work – for completion (no time component):

60 turkish get ups (30L / 30R)
50 box steps (25L / 25R) – add weight if you like
100 flutter kicks
30 ghd back extensions – add weight
20 ghd sit ups – add weight


Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture

0 thoughts on “Posted: 5/21/2009

  1. Matt M -Crossfit Coastal says:

    Way to represent Wilmington at the first day of qualifiers! Keep up the good work guys, and you ladies are smoking it. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. mere says:

    Good job Jess!! If you decide you don't have time to take a couple hours out of your day, I'll take one for the team & dispose of that Prima gift certificate…just looking out my (i mean.. your!) best interest.

  3. Tracy says:

    Nice Jess! Welcome back Tony!! Good work this morning guys! Taylor I bet you kicked the WODS boo_tay!

  4. chanelle says:

    Congratulations Jess on winning the gift card and on your WOD time yesterday, that was impressive!

  5. No Good says:

    The thumb drive with all my pics and video from the games has been delivered, it should be behind the counter. Also Tony welcome home.

  6. ju says:

    The rumor is true… Tony is home safe and sound. No good…. thank you for all the pics!! You are awesome!

  7. Sensei says:

    ok, so yesterdays WoD was a good one to use for my extended inspiration from the weekend! Still having trouble forming words and touching my index fingers to my thumbs….Go CrossFit Wilmington ….;) …I accidentally posted this on yesterdays…show's how out of it I am! HA!

  8. Miyamoto Musashi says:

    “Generally speaking, the Way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death”.

  9. John Conner says:

    Come see Sensei, No Good, and Taylor the cup cake QUEEN…seriously those things made me ..well…let's not talk about that, at the Mayfaire movie theator for the 715 showing of my movie TERMINATOR SALVATION!! I kick some terminator tail AND cuss out a small child for no reason! It's gonna be good so join them!

  10. Les says:

    Okay…Darren, Julie, Tony: I don't hate you nearly as much now as I did about an hour ago.
    Great WOD. Thank you Darren for the pushes. I'll be feeling this one for a while.