Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture
CFW’s newest member, Amy, working on sumo deadlifts during her intro with Julie.
A big welcome to Amy!

10 rounds for time…

8 sumo deadlift high pull (115lbs – m / 75lbs – f)
8 push ups
8 ghd situps
8 wall ball shot 20lbs (12ft – m / 10ft – f)
8 one armed db snatch 4 left / 4 right (45lbs / 25lbs)
8 box jumps (24" / 20")
8 pull ups
20 double unders

0 thoughts on “Posted: 5/20/2009

  1. taylor says:

    Umm…can I be the first to say, HOLAY CRAP! This thing looks like a beast! Way to make my first day back a smack down. I honestly don't know if I am scared or excited.

  2. EM says:

    I'm seeing muscle relaxers in my future…lots of them, after this fun looking WOD… OUCH!!

  3. taylor says:

    Aron! You need to put a pukie warning on that video! I'm sitting here eating my breakfast…then Im watching pukie!! GROSS!

  4. drew says:

    Let me guess, this is another one of darrens WODs, hah. Funny it pops up while his hands are destroyed 😛

  5. Shawn K says:

    And today's Final Jeopardy category is: "Super-long workouts that make Murph look like a walk in the park"

  6. Kate says:

    Tracy, i don't have your # but I'll be putting in your mom's order today 🙂 Call me (910) 619-2271 so I can get her contact info! Thanks girl!

  7. Maria Sorg says:

    OK so 20 minutes is DEFINITELY not the average time (congrats to Andrew) Times this morning ran from just under an hour to "Sorry I had to quit and go to work." Speaking of work I hit a big fat brick wall about an hour ago.

  8. mere says:

    You weren't joking with the THOUSANDS of photos–nice find Daniel!! Hey, also Daniel & whoever else had the video of me falling off the bar- I wanna make sure I get a copy before it gets erased… please & thanks!

  9. DC says:

    1st this wasn't my wod..2nd no one has been under 40 min and completed this wod.. but yes it is a CRUSHERS!!!!! plan on about a hour

  10. Brad says:

    Pete, I came in at noon to do the WOD. Enjoyed your very succinct description of today's WOD. Great motivation to make it to the end.

  11. gina says:

    ..and DC you did make up the warmup…as if! That was a ass whoopin!! Thanks for the push DC i def wanted to surrender.

  12. ilario says:

    This beast chewed me and spit me out, with literally nothing left. DC can attest to me lying like a crumpled doll in front of the fan for 15 minutes, too weak to fill my own water bottle! I want to recognize Caleb, a new member to the tribe who put up an EXPLOSIVE time of 56 minutes Rx'd with the smoothest double-unders I've ever seen. Great job today, Caleb…You blew my doors off. PS: my b-day is 8/28 and I am making this my request!

  13. Tracy says:

    For all of you teammates that attempted this beast I am very proud of you! Thanks for the push tonight my friends!

  14. Sensei says:

    ok, so yesterdays WoD was a good one to use for my extended inspiration from the weekend! Still having trouble forming words and touching my index fingers to my thumbs….Go CrossFit Wilmington ….;)