Some days are more strange than others at CFW…
Matt is attempting to use the "force" to move bar to his hands and Paige is getting naked on a GHD.
Last week Matt became on of the biggest CFers we’ve ever seen do ring muscle ups.  4 consequetive muscles ups by a 230lbs fella is impressive! 
Sumo Deadlift  2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2
3 rounds for time…
10 squat box jumps
10 push ups 

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  1. Sensei says:

    T, we are all so thankful for the gym and you for creating it and letting it have such an incredible atmosphere! Can't wait to Work out with you when you get home!

  2. t. says:

    Thank you all for making CFW something I enjoy and look forward to coming home to! See you soon.

  3. , says:

    "Strength does not come from winning
    Your struggles develop your strength.
    When you go through hardship
    and decide not to surrender,
    that is strength."

  4. Andrew says:

    Hit me up when you get back man. For all others, I'll be doing a beach WOD tomorrow around 11:00am with some of the guys I went through BLET with. I know it's in the middle of the day for most of you, but if anybody is interested in heading down there with us, just post up so I have a gauge of what I need to bring.

  5. C.FORD says:

    20 Pull ups
    3 rounds for time…
    10 squat box jumps
    10 push ups
    10 bicep curls

    4 minutes 45 secs

  6. ilario says:

    The force is Strong with Matt! Not only can he lift weight with no hands, but he can box jump a line of judges to get to his injured Meredith! The rumors are true: Meredith took a fall that could have killed her, if God had not had his hand on her. She landed on cement from an 8ft drop. On her neck! And instead of breaking down, as I would have, she adjusted her hat, assured the judges she was fine, and then wobbily proceeded to do pull ups. One after the other. That wobble, progressed to thunder, and she finished the WOD amongst the top, while half of the other women QUIT! The only thing cooler than the Qualifier was the reception that we have received upon our return. The extended CFW family is awesome, but if you have a nagging feeling that you missed out on something….YOU DID. The Qualifier weekend was a “fitness palooza.” It was two straight days of all the things you love about CF: the crew, the fear, the intensity, the accomplishment, the pain, the gain, and yes, the rain. For anyone who has ever finished a marathon by swearing they would never do it again, the Qualifier was the Opposite. We were all planning our return as soon as it began. By the time it was over, we knew we had experienced something that was literally life changing. For all of you who sat there and said “I can’t”, I say Bull$%&*. You can, or at the very least you can try and fail, but know that you gave your best. Trying and failing is what this program is all about. Try and you will surprise yourself by turning the “I Can’t” into “I did…” with those little successes: every pound, every second…That is magic of CrossFit. Ask any of the team, it was magical, and that magic can be yours too. If you try like hell. So don’t let your goals end at the whiteboard, or your closet/mirror. Ride those goals to the next qualifier and beyond. You’ll be glad you did.

  7. Ron "No Good" says:

    I want to say thanks to CFW for having me and for the amazing weekend of sport! Anytime you can exchange a day of your life for something good is an amazing feeling! I honestly spent over 6 hourse yesterday extracting the video and pics from the IPHONE (which is the best invention ever, better than Fire and the wheel!!!) but it is all on a thumb drive that is in the care of Taylor right now. I have put a photo album on my FB so add me, Ronald Holmes, and you can see them. Again, for being open a year and rolling into Ohio the way we did was SICK!!! To all that competed, IMPRESSIVE! The family inviroment that follows CFW is special in many ways and we are all lucky to have this in our lives. I'll stop before I really get on my soapbox and start beating my chest. Thanks you again, and I will start showing my face more in the gym, have a GREAT DAY!!!!
    No Good…

  8. Tracy says:

    Whoever posted the quote THANKS! I wrote it down and am carrying it in my pocket!! Could not of come at a better time for me!! Love CFW!

  9. Maria Sorg says:

    Congrats to all the CFW team members at the qualifiers!! Meredith, Taylor I havn't seen you yet to tell you in person, but awesome job! Lets continue to push each other this year and next year we can clean up with the CF women. Just to add to Julie's post about CFW's environment for our female members… our gym is one of the few places where a good, positive, competitive environment exists between women. I know you have all seen the bad side of getting a bunch of women together – at the workplace, school,other gyms etc. Bitchiness, gossip… all the stereotypes that we don't want to live up to. The women of crossfit, no matter how varying our backgrounds and personalities, all exist in an environment of support, and friendly competition. We celebrate each other's successes and strive to reach each other's accomplishments. EVERY time I have ever asked for help from anybody at crossfit wilmington, male or female, I have always received it with enthusiasm. We all want to great things, but at the same time want the best for those around us. Let's continue to foster that great environment. Tony, just wait until you see the 6AM crew…my have we grown!

  10. Sensei says:

    "No Good", Ilario, YES YES YES YES!! Ron, it was so awesome to see you sitting INSIDE the barrier on the last WoD to cheer Zach and I on! It gave me comfort and energy to do my best and show off for that awesome IPHONE…though I'm sure all you got was power slobber and a few smiles! HA, Ilario, when you finished your 2nd WoD and got right up to bull through the crowd saying "move, I gotta get to my team" then falling out with us and telling us "thank you for the water BUT GIVE ME SPACE TO BREATH!!", I realized how close we all are in our hearts. I have so much to say to each of you that came out,….but I'll save the posts for when you post! and of course when I see you again in the gym or over a meal because we are all so much closer now, I will tell you in person about own "my deep sense of joy" for having spent this weekend with you!