Ladies, the best time on today’s WOD gets a $70 gift certificate from Prima Day Spa!

"Go not into battle with monsters lest you become one." – F. Nietsche 
Preparedness & Focus 
Dawn readies for WOD 2 on Saturday.
Dawn placed 4th in the CrossFit Games Midwest Regional Qualifier securing her spot amongst the contention at The CrossFit Games in CA.
WOD #2 from the qualifier
5 rounds for time…
 7 double kettlebell thrusters (24kg-M / 16kd-F)
11 burpees


0 thoughts on “Posted: 5/18/2009

  1. Em says:

    Ladies, this WOD looked to be a beast at the Qualifier, especially after the first one….I for one am anxious to test it out…who's coming in today and at what time????

  2. Sensei says:

    Congrats to Dawn for her incredibly inspiring achievement. To the rest of us that were there, I can't tell you how much I value each of you and what a great time I had getting to know you and becoming closer to you in our friendships. Our Gym will have a different feeling to me from now on..AND THAT'S A GOOD THING!

  3. colleen says:

    be there at 7 PM! I hope the weekend went awesome for everyone!! How did those do at Surf and Turf? I heard the conditions in the ocean were a little rough.

  4. Jeremy B says:

    Zone question for the group. I just started zone ( day 2 ) but wasn't sure about blocks. Do you eat for the size you are or the size you need to be?

    Also suggestion for the board…It would be cool to have a recipe/nutrition section on our home page.

  5. Jeremy B says:

    Thanks T ..just been waiting for one of your sessions to come around again…I have heard nothing but good things.
    Welcome back.

  6. Sam Johnson says:

    Tony and the entire Crossfit Wilmington Crew,
    Thanks for everything this weekend. You guys are not just awsome athletes but you are awsome people. You made me feel like one of the family. And your supported me at every turn. Words can't express how much I appriciated everything. Tony welcome back you have an awsome crew!! Dawn your last WOD was awe inspiring.

  7. mere says:

    for those that aren't tired of my posts yet.. i do have a few more thanks… but i'm running late to class- more to come…

  8. t. says:

    Jeremy, and anyone else ready to focus on the most important part of wellness (health + fitness), the zone is so much fun, not! There's so much miss info and misunderstanding of it. For example… "I'm pretty sure you eat the # of blocks for where you want to be, not for where you are." Sorry Drew, but that's not correct. Next Wednesday I'm planning on giving another nutrition class. Attend. I explain the Zone (quantity) and the Paleo (quality) diets in practical terms. The recipes/nutrition isn't on the site b/c it wouldn't compare the what Mr. Google will present to ya. If you google search paleo diet recipes you'll have more dishes than you can prepare in the next 5 years.
    In our right nav menu there is Robb Wolf's site. His FAQ's on the Zone and Paleo diets is the best place to start. I'm not trying to sell our service per se, but the nutritional counseling we offer is no doubt the most comprehesive approach to getting your diet in order. Consider it. Like everything I do, it's quaranteed.

  9. mere says:

    WOW, where to start? Kate, I remember the day you came to the cookout… I remember seeing the expression on your face as everyone was throwing weights around and cheering each other on… I knew then, it wouldn’t be long until you joined the family and you too would go home at night “worn out, with blisters and bruises.” Great article.

    Tracy, Maura, Dan- way to kick butt in your events this weekend! I can’t wait to hear all the details and hopefully see y’all in action in your next races… or maybe even have y’all coach me so I could one day compete! Rachel- If the Hope for Warriors 10k had been any other weekend I would have loved to participate with you… I’m so glad CFW was there to participate and support those who have made major sacrifices and put themselves in harms way to protect the freedoms that we enjoy.

    As far as Ohio…thank you to the CFW staff- especially Tony and Darren for the extra push and convincing me to compete. It’s crazy to think that the girl that finished one place shy of California, was the same girl that less than 8 months ago was crying during an intro session with Darren- ha!

    Emily, Megan, Julie, Ron, Clair, Matt- y’all are champs! Your support in Ohio was not overlooked! Emily & Megan- thanks for sacrificing your voices… Julie, thanks for the push, “pick the bar up!” and for calming nervous Tony with updates after events! Ron, thanks for being the photographer/videographer over the weekend. Clair, your kind words after finding out that I was a minute short of California- you don’t know how much that meant to me. Matt, from tearing down the orange tape and rushing out on the floor when I took a 8ft back dive off the bar into the concrete floor first round, to taking care of my every ache and pain, to sacrificing competing in this heavy crossfit competition (we all know heavy is your specialty!)—thank you for being my biggest fan!

    Chanelle, Thomas, Amy, Kate, Jennifer, Bridgitte, Olympia, Tracy, Maura-thank you for the calls and personal messages from each of you. My reception was horrible in Ohio and I’m sorry if you didn’t receive a response back. To the CFW family cheering from home & supporting us during our training over the past few months- I think I speak for the whole group by saying THANK YOU!
    and to those that read this all the way through- thanks 🙂

  10. t. says:

    Tasting good doesn't mean good for you! Ha. Sorry about being vague on the date. I'm planning on next Wed, 27 May. However, the class can be given, one on one or a small group by just getting with Julie or myself and scheduling it. We can do it at the gym, your work's conference room, or over a few drinks (Tequila and lime is totally Paleo).

  11. peter says:

    be sure to hit us up on what wednesday that's going to be, I am actually planning on participating in your nutritional class. Although, it's going to be a tough sell on convincing me flapjacks are not good for you…

  12. mere says:

    ok, i'm out of class with a bit more to say… Ilario- you're my boy blue! Thanks to you the 20 hr drive only seemed like 19 1/2. But in all seriousness, Matt & I really enjoyed getting to know you… and we're looking forward to the Alaska road trip in your prius! 🙂

  13. Kate says:

    Congrats and awe to all that went up to Ohio and represented CFW! You guys are inspiring and SUPER impressive! Dawn congrats on cali…thats amazing!! ALL of you are amazing!

    oh and thanks for the kind words in response to my profile 🙂