Tomorrow morning Wilmington Police Dept is doing a Special Olympics torch run up Market Street.  We’re meeting up at CFW at 7:20am and then going to WPD headquarters downtown to start the run at 9:00am.  It’s 18 miles long, but you can do as little as you’d like.  Join us.

Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture

Yesterday’s Fit Challenge action was awesome!  Congratulations and thanks to everyone that came and gave their all.  We had numerous athletes acheive PRs in every lift.   And some serious performances in the WOD, "Quarter Gone Bad".  And with the running/carry/move stuff event that followed, it is with great confidence we can say today is going to be a rest day for most!

Here are a just a few highlights (and proof that CF works) of the weights moved…

  • Shaun Knowles – 245lbs OHS at 165lbs BW
  • Dawn Hutchinson –   180lbs OHS
  • Julie Edgerton – 215lbs Deadlift
  • Darren Cansler – 510lbs Deadlift
  • Nic Matics – 435lbs Deadlift
  • Tom Witkowski – 185lbs Shoulder Press
  • Andrea Streeter – 95lbs Shoulder Press / 225lbs DL
  • Karen Douglas – 215 lbs Deadlift 
  • Don Oakes – 405 Deadlift

Sorry for the short post, but we’re going to the beach and the range!! 

Thanks again to the participants, volunteers, and everyone that came out to watch and support their favorite athlete!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

0 thoughts on “Posted: 5/18/2008

  1. Troy says:

    It was an awesome event that brought out the competitor in everyone. We need to do this again. Great job everyone!!

  2. CHUCK says:

    way to get comments on the web page right when i leave… i cant believe you let short-bus win the competition. now i really whish i had been there…