0 thoughts on “Posted: 5/14/2010

  1. maria says:

    Sorry AM crew… I opted to do this one @ home and save the drive. Rachel and I did it together @ 5:30 this AM. I have to say it was exceptionally horrible. I think much harder than 1 min on/ 1 min off! Glad that one is over and glad Rachel ran it with me…I could not have made it through that one alone!

  2. Noelle says:

    WOW… t. This one hurt. Can be classified as one of the toughest runs I've done. Wish I could blame it on the heat… but it's clearly thanks to my lack of interval training in running. Thanks for keeping me going today Laura!!

  3. Angela says:

    Same here Maria! Nalu (my dog) and I did this one at home this AM…unfortunately she doesn't like to run near as much as I do and, therefore, slowed me down a lot. I'm prob gonna do it again solo this evening 🙂

  4. Angela says:

    Shawn…YES! Next time Ill just bring her in with me. She would be glad to be your support. lol by the end I really thought about picking her up and finishing it out like that…but is there really a good way to carry a 50lb dog?

  5. jimmy says:

    This sounds great. My mini Daschund Dexter kills me at interval training. Problem is he eats grass and sniffs stuff for more than 30 seconds.

  6. Jill P says:

    I really want to do tomorrows double happiness wod but cant get there till 12:20. can I still come????It seems like a long on!

  7. Jill P says:

    Mine (dog) would not sprint after a while..she needs to get her fat #$a in shape. I really liked this run!

  8. t. says:

    Atleast you guys can just pick your pups up and keep going when they stop. When mine quits my run is over.

  9. t. says:

    JP… I switch tomorrows workout to strength developer (yep, it's time for a strength period). The F-50 x 2 is pushed to Wednesday.