On Monday, 18 May the top time of a female that joined CFW since the New Year will earn a $70.00 Gift Certificate to Prima Day Spa.  What better way to relax after a killer workout than a manicure, pedicure, facial, or other service at Wilmington’s finest Day Spa?

Today is Dan Morosani’s last day with us at CFW.  He’s finished with his commitment to the Marine Corps and is moving back to New York.  It’s been a pleasure having you Bro.  Good travels, godspeed, and come back and visit soon.  Semper Fi.

 Dan’s farewell WOD, for time…

800m row
9 X shoulder press (135lbs-M / 85lbs-F)
600m row
15 X push press
400m row
21 X push jerk
200m row

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  1. Jen S. says:

    Best of luck in the future Dan! Thanks so much for keeping us safe!
    For everyone going to regionals…YOU GUYS ARE GONNA ROCK THE HOUSE!!!! How can we be even more proud of you all than we already are?…I guess you're gonna show us. (o: Take some video!!!!

  2. Colleen says:

    Dan! Thank you SO much for your service and I wish you the best back in NY! Thank you!!

  3. . says:

    how do you ensure the chest/hips/thighs are all the way down on the burpee? easy – briefly take your hands off the ground at the bottom of the push up…the new burpee standard

  4. Andrew says:

    Come on Josh. You know Dan won't really get into the gym until about 7:30 or so. Just enough time to do a WOD as the doors are closing haha. Good luck back in NY Dan. Stay safe.

  5. mere says:

    Dan, you know you don't wanna leave Wilmington, CFW, and your night crew…. you just wanted a little crossfit shout out… so, that being said, I'll see you Monday evening around 7:35??

    Joye Family & especially Blaine– thanks for the beautiful poster!

  6. Dc says:

    Hey dan good luck to you back in NY.. Stay safe and just remember to get to the gym 45 mins early instead of 15 mins before they close. lol.. To Tony and Casey.. Thanks you for bringing Crossfit Wilmington here, It's been a blast and the Qualifier will speak for it's self. To the team, Make sure you got your mind right, I've tried to help you the best that I know i could some took it and others didn't.. But I wish you all the best of luck. Stay in your game, your lane, and leave it all on the floor.. Cause "EVERY SECOND COUNTS" I'm honored to call you guys teammates and to also coach you guys, Everyone has come such a long way from the 1st time they walked in the Gym.. Now lets go claim our spots…

  7. Sensei says:

    DC, awesome, thank you! Dan, good job brother thank you for your service and have a great time in NY! We are still meeting at 2 today correct?

  8. Jill P says:

    That is so nice of you..thank you for your continued generosity at all crossfit events..I was lucky enough to win a massage and it was amazing!!
    Good luck everyone..
    Q: What do you call a WOD that includes 4 rounds of Fran, the Filthy Fifty, Linda, Kelly, and Fight Gone Bad?
    A: Death. Dude, that’s not even funny. Don’t give them any ideas.

  9. Seth says:

    Julie – thanks for the help with the diet tips!

    Good luck to everyone going to Ohio this weekend…

  10. Maria Sorg says:

    Beware of bringing newbie's in when Julie's around…she makes them puke. Don't think Curves would do that to their new members Jules.

  11. Jill P says:

    Open question to Tony-
    Hi Tony..Can't wait till your back so I can bug you with these kind of things in person..I am wondering about how Crossfit affiliate owners plan their gyms training schedules..specifically do you guys map it out weekly and monthly based on certain training goals? It seems to me we sometimes work one muscle group a couple of times a week and I bet there is a method to this..Could you please fill us in on your person philosopy on this? You are such a wonderful leader, and your writing inspiring..please send your thoughts on how you approach this for our gym..
    Cant wait to see you (Margaritas or not)


  12. Don O says:

    Dan, thanks for your service. Good luck with in the future. To all going to Ohio! First, please drive safely and arrive in one piece. I have watched in awe over the past few months as you all have gotten stronger and faster. I haven't seen this strong of dedication anywhere else. I know the pain will be worth the price of winning. I have taken a step back and watched the monster times and numbers. I say this to you all. THERE IS NO ONE WHO HAS WORKED HARDER THAN YOU….NO ONE!!!!!!Be safe, have fun, enjoy your time TOGETHER, bring back some stories and kick some YANKEE BUTT.

  13. ju says:

    LOL Maria, you are too cute. I wasn't that bad on him. Seth, no problem! Keep up the work!

    Dan, best wishes to you! Hope to see you again.

  14. t. says:

    Jill… my method isn't too complicated. Obviously I put power and strength first. The great side effect of the power (oly lifts) is the coordination and balance. The overall skill transfer to all other movements we do is exponential. Our cycles are typically 4-6 weeks with a well defined goal of strength, power, and/or metcon. The weekly programming is all about not destroying the CNS and developing different movement patterns and their transfer or supporting movements. So many CrossFits only do light metcon and very minimal Oly stuff. The reason is usually two fold… 1st the affiliate isn't good at coaching the oly lifts or heavy powerlifts. Many affiliates owners come from an endurance background and haven't much experience in Oly lifting. They learn it after they've been open for a bit and see the benefits. 2nd, the oly lifts and powerlifts take much more time and effort to teach. It's harder on the coaching staff to teach a snatch than it is to teach a sumo-deadlift high pull. CF affiliates are still businesses and cost vs. benefit is always a concern, eh?
    We've been on a heavy metcon cycle for about 8 weeks. At the 4 week mark I dropped in some oly lifts and higher rep (8-10) strength stuff.
    We are now transitioning into a bit of a hybrid mix. We'll be doing some of it all for the next month. Weekly… the cycle is typically; Day1 -heavy lift and short wod, Day2 – med length and heavy WOD, Day3 – light and longer WOD, Day4 – off or core. Repeat. Many CFs are doing this sort of thing now. Not that they're copying us (though some are and I can't I blame them), but it's a natural shift. The best CF athletes are strong and powerful first. Affiliates and CFers have identified it and are demanding it at their CF affiliate. Supply and demand no doubt. Freddy Camacho of CF One World said in a post that he didn't do much heavy stuff or oly lifting when he first opened due to lack of coaching knowledge on those movements. He said he'd wished it the other way. I'm glad we brought that knowledge to CFW when we opened. It's paid off. That's summary. The more specifics, like how I choose each movement and their orders is little more complicated and something I'm not posting for all to see!

  15. DC says:

    To our Family and Team: I've been blessed to have worked and pushed many of you in making the monsters you have become.. Thank for that. But this Weekend I'll be taking it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.. I hope you all are ready..GOD If you guys could see how pumped I'm to see every kill it this weekend. But on that Same NOTE: You are going to have to CATCH ME.. SO Come get me… alos Jen, Thank for all you guys do for the gym too.. As well as Bangs, GNC, and any others I'm forgetting.
    LET'S GET IT ON!!!

  16. Charlie says:

    To all you monsters going to the qualifier: have a safe trip and best of luck. You show 'em how we do it at CFW!!! Kick some a$$!!!

  17. Jill P says:

    Thanks so much for the detailed response. I think looking at it like this, with an overview, helps define the goal. Obviously, the "constantly varied" part is what make crossfit unique and what I love about it. I think most CFers take thier training very seriosly, and this kind of description of how we are working, very helpful. I have said from the beginning that the staff here is what makes this the best fitness routine I have ever been a part of, but I will say it again, this time including the owner, whose thought and words are super motivating!
    Now – DC was that a warning on what is to come? Thems fighting words I need video! DC can you upload to Facebook Sat night???

  18. Justin M says:

    Hey guys. Just wanted to say good luck at the qualifier. Darren, if you're going I expect to see a video of you finishing that deadlift workout without stopping. I'll be following online and I better see at least 4 of you make it. In the case that one of you misses, I had exams during my regional, so you'll be competing with me again at the Last Chance qualifiers! haha, tear it up guys.

  19. Matt says:

    Dan, it's been a pleasure working out with you. Best of luck to you in all of your endeavors. Don't be a stranger, just be strange.