Dawn get’s a post on The Combat Athlete: http://combatathlete.blogspot.com/

Islam conquers the western world peacefully http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK1pnCldKZI

 More bad on Soy’s good: http://pjmomma.wordpress.com/2008/02/07/why-soy-is-bad-for-you/

Have you seen the Maxim Magazine clip "Who’s that guy?"
Rachel, Melody, Jill, and Chanelle do work.
4 sets  of each.  Total reps equals score…
max reps deadlift (225lbs-M / 155lbs-F)
max reps push press (95lbs-M / 75lbs-F)
Rest as needed between sets, but all 8 sets have to be completed in 12 minutes.
A deadlift is from the ground and up to full hip and knee extension extension and return the bar to the ground in a CONTROLLED manner.  On either movement, if you drop the bar, the set is over. 

0 thoughts on “Posted: 5/1/2009

  1. taylor says:

    Interesting 'Muslum' post there. I think we should all go out and have some babies! Thank goodness for the breeders we have already at CFW!

  2. peter says:

    Nice WOD today, I liked doing all 8 sets within 12 minutes instead of doing it for time. It forced me to budget my time right along with getting the most out of my workout, which I did. Would be interesting to do this on other WODS… Hope your doing well Tony, thinking of you daily.

  3. t. says:

    Thank you Peter. I look forward to returning. The WOD today was more torturous than I expected. It's bad when they surprise me! The DLs were painfully delicious!

  4. Justin M says:

    Hey Dawn, keep up the work on the snatch. I train with a couple girls that placed in the top 5 at collegiate nationals this year. I can't remember if you're affiliated with a college or not, but if you are, you have the numbers to go. and tony, call me back dude. I have to make a decision tonight and I want to get your opinion.

  5. Sensei says:

    Dawn, holy crap that's awesome! Taylor, OMG!! the schrapnel sounds like it tastes really good, cause I can't eat it and I gave it to a homeless guy and he said it was awesome! And he says to tell you thank you! and he says he wants more!….this this, homeless guy said these things…. 🙂

  6. Ezekiel says:

    Dawn – awesome video. That is very impressive!
    I want to extend an invitation to everyone at CFW to come join us in our one year anniversary celebration. We'll have a free pig pickin & drinks/beer. Come cheer our athletes on at 11:00 am and stay for lunch – hope to see you guys.

  7. Ezekiel says:

    I would also like to thank you for allowing us to borrow your kettlebells for our event tomorrow – our shipment did not get here in time. If you ever need to borrow any equipment do not hesitate to ask!