This is Amy A. Amy has been CrossFitting at CFW for two years. She is scheduled to attend the CrossFit Level 1 Cert here in January and join the ranks of our instructors.

A big congratulations to our Triathletes this weekend.  Misty, Eric, Maggie, Daniel, and Dave all did the B2B IronMan or Half.

CrossFit WOD
Back Squat  4 – 4 – 4 – 4 – 4 at 75% of your BS max

AMRAP in 4 minutes of…
6 KB Swings (24kg/16kg)
4 C2B Pull Ups
2 Handstand Push Ups

Endurance Supplement
Run 800m
Rest the time it takes
Run 800m

Last week at CFW

8 thoughts on “Mondays suck. At least you have CFW! Ha.

  1. t. says:

    When I promoted shooting as a fun way to develop many of the 10 general physical skills, I didn’t realize so many of you guys were interested. We had 16 CFW members shoot the match yesterday. Most of whom it was their first shooting match. It’s good, clean fun with a bit of competition between some of the fellas. It’s always a pleasure and it was nice to have IP back with us. I had a blast.

  2. Lil D says:

    Wanted to say Great Job to Nikki, Felice, Daniel, Jason, and Andrew on yesterday’s match. I had a lot of fun!

  3. Scott S says:

    Amy – looking strong girl! Since you are already teaching me good form, you might as well get the cert. Shout out to all you Tri’s – was it a long day??

  4. Jeremy B says:

    Can anyone tell me where to get bumper plates with-in driving distance of Wilm ( IE, Fayetteville, MYB, Raleigh, etc…)
    I see MuscleDriver is in Fort Mill SC…is that about it?

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