Port City CrossFit Grand Opening
Tomorrow from 1pm until 7pm, join Port City CrossFit for their Grand Opening Cookout and Workout.

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Chris S. - OHS during Lumberjack 20 WOD

: Co’ed Team WOD
WOD 1:  Thruster 1 rep Max (Combined Weight)

WOD 2:  3 rounds for time…
30 (15 each)  “Crawl Under Burpees”
400m Waiter’s Walk (or run) with 45lbs Plate – each team member must be touching the plate during movement.
6 Tire Flips (320lbs)

WOD 3: Each team member Row’s for max distance in 5 minutes (Combined Distance)

5 thoughts on “Coed Team Workout

  1. Nick Mazejka says:

    Chris nice form on the over head bro its looking good!.. Drew and Ryan way to make the endurance page, good work.

  2. Chris S. says:

    Thanks Nick! Its crazy what a difference a few weeks makes.. I was able pump out 12+ in a row in this WOD and two weeks ago I was done after 6 reps. I’ll give all the credit to the trainers 🙂

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