Port City CrossFit Grand Opening
This Saturday, anytime from 1pm until 7pm, join Port City CrossFit for their Grand Opening Cookout and Workout.

So you think losing 10 or 15lbs is too hard because you like cookies and cake and candy and bread and chocolate and alcohol and pasta and blah, blah…  and blah? If you’ve only 10 or 15lbs (or even 30!), you have it easy.  Check out Cheryl’s story.  Then, after you’ve a new perspective, get it together, stop making excuses, and tighten it up!

Nutrition Counseling
We get so many questions each day about nutrition…  they range from “how about cucumbers?s” and “what about the antioxidants in chocolate?” to “what do YOU eat” (like I don’t REALLY eat Paleo and I’ve some secret cheat that keeps me from getting fat) and very specific questions on autoimmune responses.  We can better answer your questions if you enroll in our nutrition counseling program or schedule an individual session so you have our undivided attention instead of getting a brief, unorganized answer while on the gym floor.
We offer 2 options for Nutrition Counseling to help you with your goals.  The first option is the 5 week program, meeting once a week, that lines it all out for you.  First and foremost, it is an in depth explanation of the Paleo diet.  We measure your body fat percentage, record your weight, and walk you through exactly how many calories and grams of protein, carbs, and fat you should be eating each day.
The second option is individual sessions.  These are for those of you with need specific questions answered in order to dial in your diet.  Or maybe you understand the Paleo, but want help measuring your fat percentage and calculating your daily food intake.  These things can be handle in just one meeting.
For more info, email us at info@crossfitwilmington.com or click here.

Team WOD tomorrow
Tomorrow is a team WOD.  It’s a co-ed team…  it doesn’t have to be couples (in case your boy is weak, ladies.  Sorry Joe, but we didn’t wanna make Amanda wait on ya!).  So pick your team and show up at the same time.

Check out the hot mommy! Amanda, 5 months prego after running the Flotilla 5k at Wrightsville Beach last weekend.

CrossFit WOD
Class skill: The Muscle Up progressions
Supported (feet on floor)
With assistance band – In harness and with band on rings

10 (ea. leg) one legged squats
20 L Pull Ups – Substitute is 30 Deadhang Pull Ups and 50 Knees to Elbows

Muscle Up Progressions Video Demo

13 thoughts on “Nutrition Counseling, Reality, and MU Progressions

  1. caleb says:

    To all our vets, active duty and prior service, thank you for your sacrifice to our great country, I am truly grateful to you all, happy veterans day

  2. drew says:

    Happy Veterans Day to all the service men and women. It’s an honor to know and serve with each and every one of you. Thanks for your service.

  3. Sensei says:

    Happy Veterans day and thank you all so much! Also, since I missed posting, Happy birthday Marines!

    Looks like some fun stuff today! The music on the video must have been chosen by Abby…it’s what is always playing when she walks into the room.

  4. Joe W says:

    Happy Vets Day. Thanks to all of you that served, Thanks Dad.

    Look I was at the 5k (taking pictures) and I can tell you first hand it wouldn’t be Amanda that would be waiting on me in this workout. It would be Henry that has to wait on Dad. After seeing him beat his mom by about a quarter of a second in the 5k, this kid is looking tough.

  5. Amanda W says:

    Thanks Vets for keeping our country safe and sound over centuries.

    And Joe, we understand if you have to make excuses for falling behind your with-child wife. Lame, but understandable considering previous performances 😉 Love you babe.

    Thanks to CF (and Joe) for helping keep my butt in gear during these 40 weeks. Checking my ego hasn’t been the most fun experience, but I’m adding fuel little by little….after Hank is born I’ll light the match & be games bound baby!

  6. t. says:

    I love Amanda’s attitude… she’s slightly aggravated that she’s having to slow down while pregnant. Most ladies think they have to do nothing and eat lots of ice cream while carrying the little parasite to term. Ha.

  7. Meagan says:

    Happy Veterans Day! God bless all of you who serve our country.

    Inspiration-the one word that ALWAYS comes to mind when I think of CFW. I don’t know about any other Crossfits-all I know is home. Every day that I walk into the gym I am always inspired. We have parents teaching their children how to do a pull-up or climb a rope. We have women who are pregnant coming in and ROCKING our WODS. Amanda’s mommy WOD is my workout! Haha :-). We have new Crossfitters eager to do and learn more. Tri-Athletes that train in the morning then come to the gym at night. CFW embraces everyone where they are and helps them do to more and reach their goals. CFW has always found more strength in me than I have ever found in myself. I am so proud to be part of a family that celebrates each member for who they are. Everyone that walks into our gym contributes something amazing and for that I say “Thank You!”

  8. josh says:

    Thank you Veterans!
    Actually I think of the music in the video as JZ’s theme. Abby’s would be louder and angrier!

  9. Rosie says:

    Happy Veterans Day to all who have served and are still serving. Thank you!

    Meagan, well said! I agree…I love this place!

    Amanda! You Look Maaaaavelous! Coming from a lady who did nothing but eat ice cream and do nothing Both times I was pregnant, you’re taking the smarter route. You’re giving little Hank an advantage in life even before he’s born. Good for you!

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