Dawn and Darren doing their run and doing "The Tony".  They must not of pushed themselves, since they have the energy to joke!!!

WOD:  team effort, for time. 

Pick a partner, complete all reps of each excercise before moving to the next.  The reps do not have to be divided in half per athlete.  Just get it done and move on! 

  • 2 rope climbs
  • 200 push presses (m-65 / F-45)
  • Farmers Walk 200 meters (M-45 / F-35)
  • 60 pull ups
  • 80 medicine ball cleans  (m-20 / f-14)
  • 80 push ups
  • 30 ghd sit ups
  • 30 ghd back extensions
  • 1 mile run (both teammates complete the entire run)